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Bandai Handheld Games (276 Listed + the Japanese and Tama & Friends games)

Bandai Electronics released a lot of games in the US, and tons of them in foreign markets. I'm probably missing a bunch off this list, if you can send me pics of any I don't have, please let me know. Bandai had two different labels on their games sometimes: LSI and FL. LSI stands for Large Scale Integration (type of circuitry used in the game, referring to the CPU microchip), and just basically denotes an electronic game. FL stands for Flourescent Lamp, and indicates the use of a VFD display in the game. These usually run on 4 C batteries, and according the instruction manuals, can quickly consume batteries (AC adapters recommended).

Airport Panic (Double Panel) (LCD)
Air Traffic Control (LED)
Akuryo No Yakata (Double Panel) (LCD)
Algas (LCD)
Amazone (Double Panel) (LCD)
Animest- Battle Slugger (LCD)
Animest- Powerman (LCD)
Arrange Fever (LCD)
Astrostar (VFD numeric display)
Attack Invader (LED)
Attack Mogura (VFD)
Autorennen (LED)
Baikin-kun (LCD)
Bakudan Man (LCD)
Bank Gang (LCD)
Baseball (LED)
Baseball (LCD)
Baseball (Double LCD)
Baseball (LSI Portable Game) (LED)
Baseball, Card (LCD)
Baseball, Challenge Up (LCD)
Baseball, Elpit Electronic (LED)
Baseball, Hero Stadium (LCD)
Baseball, LSI (LED)
Baseball, Perfect
Baseball, Super (LED)
Basketball (LED)
Battle Beam (VFD)
Beam Galaxian (VFD)
Beauty Salon (LCD)
Black RX (LCD)
Block Out (A.k.a. The Block) (VFD)
Bomber Man (Keychain) (LCD)
Bowling (LED)
Bowling / Pro Bowler (Tabletop) (LED/VFD)
Boxing (LCD)
Breakout (LCD Solar)
Burger Bar (LCD)
Burgertime (LCD)
Burgertime (VFD)
Bye Bye Birdie (LCD)
Cake Shop (LCD)
Captain Power (LCD)
Catch A Coke (LCD)
Challenge Golf (LCD)
Champion Racer (LED)
Change Man (VFD)
Combat (LED)
Cosmo Gangs (LCD)
Crazy Climber (A.k.a. Crazy Climbing) (VFD)
Crazy Climber Keychain (LCD)
Crazy Crows (LCD)
Cross Attack (LCD)
Cross Highway (LCD)
Cut & Shampoo (LCD)
Daidassou (LCD Solar)
Daijishin (LCD)
Dash Kappei (Basketball game) (LCD)
Delta End (LCD)
Derby (LCD)
Destruction! (LCD)
Digi Casse A (LCD)
Digi Casse B (LCD)
Digimon Analyzer (LCD)
Dokodemo Dorayaki Doraemon (VFD)
Donjara (LCD)
Doraemon Time Machine (LCD x3)
Double Fripper (LCD)
Draculajoh (LCD)
Draculajoh (VFD)
Dragonball (LCD)
Dr. Dental (LCD)
Dr. Dunk Basketball (LED)
Duel (VFD)
Dynamite (LCD)
Elecroad series (10 different games)
Escape from the Devil's Doom (LCD Solar)
Fang die Nuss (LCD)
Fight! Toukon Jyuohmaru (LCD Tri-Screen)
Flight Time (VFD)
Floppy Jump 3-in-1 (LCD)
Football (LED)
Frankenstein (Double Panel) (LCD)
Frisky Tom (LCD)
Frisky Tom (VFD)
Galaxian (VFD)
Galaxian Keychain (LCD)
Galaxy Wars 4 (Watch) (LCD)
Gekisen U-Boat (LCD Solar)
Ghost House (LCD)
Ghosts 'n Goblins (LCD)
Godzilla (LCD)
Godzilla (LCD Tri-Screen)
Go Go Dynaman (VFD Table type)
Golf (LCD)
Golf Game (Golf Compe/Golf Spiel) (LED)
Good vs Evil Syusyutori (LCD)
Grand Prix (LCD)
Grand Prix Champion (VFD)
Grand Prix Racer (LCD)
Gundam (Handheld LCD game)
Gundam Formation (LCD)
Gundam vs Gelgoog Zaku (VFD)
Gundam RX-78 (LCD Table type)
Gundam, Space Centurion (LCD Tri-Screen)
Gundam, Space Combat 3-in-1 (LCD)
Gundam, Space Guardian (LCD Table type)
Gundam, Space Guardian (VFD Tabletop)
Gunfighter (VFD)
Gun Professional (VFD)
Hamburger Shop (LCD)
Harlock Arcadia
Head Chaser
Hello Kitty
Hikyo Amazon (Double Panel)
Hockey (LED)
Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the Northstar)
Hokuto vs Nanto Taiketsu 5
Hyoukin Kyoushitsu
Hyper Olympic Challenge 5
Hyper Olympic Jumping Type
Hyper Olympic Running Type
Hyper Olympic Throwing Type
Hyper Ski
Iga vs Kouga (Double LCD)
Incredible Hulk Escapes
Inspector Gadget (Double LCD)
Invaders of the Mummy's Tomb (LCD Solar)
Japanese games (several)
Juggling Seal
Jungle Panic Amidahebi (Double LCD)
Jyarinko Chie
Kampf Der Monster (VFD Table type)
Karmen Rider
Karmen Rider RX
Keroke Rokeroppi Herpit
Kinniku Man (LCD Table type)
Kinniku Man 2 (Magic Panel)
Kinniku Man 3 (Magic Panel)
Kitaro Ge Ge Ge
Kiteyo Parman (VFD Push-Up)
Kung Fu
Koneko Club
Krähen Jagd
Las Vegas
Last One
Le Casse Brique (VFD)
Les Requins
Loving Knight
Machine Man (VFD handheld)
Macross II
Magical Taruruto-kun
Mahjong II, The
Marine Shark
Mask Rider Black
Mechanical Electric Fighter
Men in Black
Miracle 7 Pachi-Slo (Slot machine)
Miracle Baseball (LCD)
Missile Invader
Missile Vader
Mobile Suit Gundam (LCD)
Mobile Suit Gundam (VFD)
Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78 (Action Figure)
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
Mole Patrol
Monkey Business
Monkey Business Watch
Monkey Coconut
Moon Alien
Mr. Franken (Double Panel)
Mr. Space Fire
Mr. Subattack
My Birthday
My Fiance
Namen nayo
Nazono Chinbotsusen (LCD Solar)
Nazono Pyramid (LCD Solar)
Notirus Attack
Obake no Q-taro I Have Disappeared
Ottosei Land
Pachinko Star Wing
Pachinko Star Wing II
Packri Monster (A.k.a. Pack Monster)
Pac-Junior (Keychain)
Pair Match (VFD)
Patsy Duck
Peach's Great Love
Pengo (LCD)
Pengo (VFD)
Penguin Land (Double LCD)
Perfect Mahjong I & II
Perfect Pachinko
Pilote de Chasse
Pilote de Course
Pipe Line (LCD) (A.k.a. Frisky Tom)
Pipe Line (VFD) (A.k.a. FL Frisky Tom)
Police Gang/Cop vs Thief (Double LCD)
Pro Bowler
Pro Bowling
Pro Golf
Pro Golf II
Pro Soccer
Pro Wrestling
Quickter 20
Reigen Dohshi
Rush Hour (LCD)
Sailor Moon
Saint Seiya
SD Gundam Gaiden IV
SD Gundam SengokudenChijyo
Shark Island (LCD Solar)
Sky Phantom
Slam Dunk
Soccer LCD Games
Soccer LCD Game (Different)
Soccer LED Game
Solar Derby
Space Battelship Yamato
Space Chaser (LED)
Space Chaser (VFD)
Space Hawk 50
Space Hurricane
Space Invaders Keychain
Space Shot
Space Shuttle 3 in 1
Special Rescue Exceedcraft
Speed Gun
Spiderman Rescue
Sub Attack (LCD Solar)
Sub Patrol (LCD Solar)
Super Galaxy Invader (or Invasion)
Super Missile Vader
Tama & Friends (several)
Tama & Friends Will You Know
Team Shohoku
Tectron series (LCD, Elect kit)
Tengoku & Jigoku (LCD Solar)
Terrahawks- The Battlehawks
Terror House (Double Panel)
Thunderbirds LCD game
Tondeke Parman
Torpedo Shoot
Toukon Jyuohmaru (VFD Table type)
Track & Field Running Type
Track & Field Throwing Type
Tsuppari Concert
Tsuppari Karasu
Tutankham (LCD tabletop)
Tutankham (VFD)
U-Boat (VFD)
U-Boot Jagd
Ultraman Monster Battle (VFD Push-Up game)
Ultraman (LCD)
Ultraman (LCD, Tin can)
Urusei Yatsura (LCD)
Vampire (LCD)
Vampire (VFD)
Wingman (Magic Panel)
Wonder Swan
World Challenge Golf
Zaxxon (VFD)
Zaxxon (LCD, Double Panel))

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