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Bandai Catch a Coke
(1983, LCD, 3 Watch Batteries, Model# ??)

Licensed by Coca-Cola, this was given away to Coca-Cola sales people as an incentive device for selling their products. (It was not commercially available to the public.) Game play is the same as the Monkey Business and Jungler LCD games.
I've also discovered that the Coca-Cola company apparently placed a version of this game into a few Coke vending machines (on a trial basis) so you could play a little game while getting your drink. There are settings inside the vending machine version that allow you to choose anywhere from 10-30 seconds of game play. It seems Coca-Cola decided to abandon the project, and the games were removed from the machines and discarded (although several have popped up forsale over the years).

Here's a couple of pics of the vending machine mechanism (note also the 'Spell Coke' vending machine game in the second picture, another attempt to add a game of sorts to a vending machine):

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