Bandai Speed Gun (19xx, VFD, 4 AA Batteries, Model# 16165)

Here's an interesting contraption: Not really a game, but a 'toy' radar gun (just like the police use to clock speeding cars). From the cataloge: "Multi-function electronic pistol measures speed of moving objects. Clocks timing of moving ball, runners, vehicles, and records balls, strikes, and outs at baseball game! Also calculates batting averages. If it moves, Speed Gun can determine how fast!" Finally found one, it does exist... (in Japan at least). Slightly disappointing (though I probably should have expected this from a toy, real radar technology is kinf of expensive, at least back in the early 80's): The manual is in Japanese so I can't really figure it out, but I believe it's a 'fake' speed gun. You program how far an object is going to go (say you are throwing a ball to someone 100 feet away), you press a button when the person throws it, and another when the other guy catches it, and it calculates the speed it took to travel that far. It doesn't appear to have any real 'radar' equipment in it...

Do I have this? Yes, new (top pic is mine).

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