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Bandai Gundam vs Gelgoog Zaku
(1983, VFD, 4 C Batteries, Model# 0200151)
CPU: Hitachi HD38800-B35
A/C Adapter: 6-9v DC, Center Pole Positive

There are two different head to head type games in this series (and a 3rd which is just a foreign name variation): Gundam vs Gelgooz Zaku, Hokuto vs Nanto Taiketsu 5 and Space Guardian Gundam. Space Guardian Gundam and Gundam vs Gelgooz Zaku are the exact same game, just different colors. Space Guardian (which is grey/silver) was released in France (and possibly other locations in the U.K.), while Gundam vs Gelgooz Zaku (which is white) was released in Japan. These games have one VFD display in them that can be viewed from each side (with certain graphics blocked on each side so you can't see what the other player is doing).

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