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Bandai Elecroad series
(19??, LED/Lights, Model# 2544 (for #4))

This is a pretty interesting (and unique) series of electronic kits, some of which are games (while others are not). The one pictured here is called Fast Draw, and it is number 4 of 10 different kits in this series (in Japan, it's number 3 of 6 in the UK). The interesting thing about them is that you have to actually assemble the game before you can play it (and based on how you put it together, it can do different things). This kind of makes it similar to the Tectron series, but you have to completely build the Elecroad series. You even have to solder some parts on the game, and the instructions feature a section on proper soldering techniques.

They seem like fairly simple games using only a few simple electronic parts, and naturally where much cheaper than the normal handheld games of the time (about 1/3 the price or so). I suspect these would be difficult to find un-assembled, and when you do, you have to make sure they have all the parts...

Back of the box with all 10 games listed (and this game, #4, highlighted in red):
(The yellow section is a list of the contents of the box)

Here's the English version (from the U.K.):

Back of the same box, UK version only lists 6 different games in the series:
Electronic Organ, Electronic Roulette, Fast Draw Game, Beam Telephone,
Lie Detector and Telephone Amp. As you can see, they aren't all games.

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