Bandai Space Shot (1979, LED, 9 Volt, Model# 7934)

These are very cheesy games (but that probably has a lot to do with their age). Each one is exactly the same in gameplay and scoring: you press play, the computer randomly selects and lights up one of the 6 LEDs, and you manually adjust the score wheels appropriately. I currently know of six of these (all sports games except Space Shot): Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Hockey and Space Shot. The scoring on Space Shot increments by tens, so if you hit the Mother Ship (worth +40) 3 times, you've already 'rolled' the score (which only goes up to 90) (and it does do this, there is no logic in the game, it has no idea what you've hit from one shot to the next, just completely random.) They are kinda cute though, I was expecting them to be about the size of a Mattel Football game or something, but they are actually about the size of a common handheld LCD game, a lot smaller than you might think.

Do I have this? Yes, boxed (new).

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