Bandai Namen nayo (1981, LCD, Watch batteries, Model# 16272)

This is a handheld game with a Pelorian Cat theme. Pelorian cats are simply cats dressed in human looking clothes and photographed standing up-right in human settings. This was a Japanese fad in the early 1980's, created by Satoru Tsuda who photographed his first kitten in juvenile delinquent type clothing with a motorcycle. His motorcycle antenna banner doesn't display the Rising Sun but a Rising Cat, with the phrase "All Japan Fast Feline Federation -- You Won't Lick Us!" Thus the dressed up cats became known as Unlickable Nameneko (or the slangy Namennayo -- "Don't Lick Me!"). I don't have this game, but it would appear to be a racing game with the cats driving and servicing the race cars.

Do I have this? No.

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