Bandai Zaxxon (LCD) (1982, LCD, 2 LR-44's, Model# 0216816)

Handheld LCD game based on Sega's Zaxxon arcade game. It's a cool, double panel LCD game (there are two LCD panels on top of each other). The dual panel creates a kind of 3D afffect with lower objects on one panel, and higher ones on the other. Also, all of the background images are created by the LCD and animated. It's quite impressive for an LCD game (and a must have if you love Zaxxon!) It's the only Double-Panel game that Bandai made that was powered by batteries (the rest are solar). I know of these Double-panel games: Airport Panic, Frankenstein (or Mr. Franken), Hikyo Amazon (or Amazone), Terror House (or Akuryo No Yakata), Zaxxon.

Japanese box closeup:

Do I have this? Yes, mint in mint box. (These are mine pictured.)

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