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Bandai Machine Man

(1984, VFD, 4 AA Batteries, Model# 0200109)
CPU: Hitachi HD38820-A85
Download ROM with dis-assembled source code

Cool (and extremely rare) Game-and-Watch sized handheld game that uses a VFD display instead of LCD, I'm guessing this game is called 'Lightning Strike,' the blue Japanese characters translate to 'Lightning converging' literally, so that's the closest I could come up with. It's a little bit bigger (and definitely thicker) than the average 'Game-and-Watch' sized LCD pocket handheld. It has a great multi-color display that features two different scenes. The 1st has you driving a vehicle along a road while trying to avoid having missiles dropped on your car. The second scene has you out of your vehicle in a city, trying to defeat bad guys that are shooting at you. Each stage just seemed to be timed, if you survive long enough, you win, and then it starts over a little faster.
Based on the Machine Man TV series in Japan.

(Click on thumbnails to enlarge)

VFD Display images, Stage 1 and Stage 2:

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