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Games used by Hollywood!
(32 listed with pics or sounds so far...)

This page is simply a list of all known appearences of vintage handheld games in movies, TV shows, songs, music videos or non-game related advertising (and one comic strip, sort of...). I'm adding them as I find them, if you remember seeing a game anywhere, please email me. Even if you aren't quite sure, if you can offer a hint, I'll track it down! In some instances, they weren't even used as games, but modified to be used as another kind of prop (see Tiger's Sub Wars below). Click on the links below to see screen shots of the game in use (listed in the order I discovered them, newest on top) (Clicking on either the game or the movie will go to the same page):

Game used:
Movie/TV Show/Music Video/Song it was used in:
Conic Football Amazing Stories
Grandstand Pocket Scramble Electric Dreams
Casio Boxing Calculator (BG-15) Sleepaway Camp
Parker Brothers Merlin My Name Is Earl (TV Show, Season 2)
Coleco Pac Man eBay.com's Main Page
Generic LED Football game Frazz (Newspaper comic strip)
Bambino UFO Master Blaster (audio only) Vangelis' 'Memories of Green' (Blade Runner soundtrack)
Mattel Football (audio only) Supertramps 'The Logical Song' (as background sound)
Milton Bradley Handheld Battleship Spy Kids
Lakeside Computer Perfection Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV Show, Season 2)
Mattel World Championship Football St. Elsewhere (TV Show, Season 1)
Coleco Pac Man Knight Rider (TV Show, Season 1)
Waddingtons Wizard
Parker Bros Merlin
Coleco Total Control 4
Futuretronics (Entex) Galaxian 2 Doom (The Movie)
Coleco Zaxxon The Last Starfighter
Lakeside Computer Perfection Ice Pirates
Parker Bros Master Merlin Joss Whedon's Firefly TV series (used as non-game prop)
Bandai Pair Match Star Trek: The Next Generation (used as non-game prop)
Coleco Galaxian & Head to Head Soccer
Milton Bradley Flash Wits
Tomy Cosmic Clash, Tennis, 3D Games
Mattel Football Bottle Rocket
Milton Bradley's Super Simon & Big Trak E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Tomy Sky Catch & Space Turbo Flight of the Navigator
Nintendo Game & Watch Manhole K-9
Coleco Head to Head Football Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams
Mattel Football 2 Mark Wills "19 Something" music video
Conic Football
Mattel Baseball
Tomy Pac Man
Coleco Pac Man
Epoch's Epoch Man
Milton Bradley Super Simon
National Lampoon's Vacation
Coleco Head to Head Baseball
Mattel Football & Baseball
Milton Bradley Pocket Simon
Parker Bros Merlin
Wet Hot American Summer
Coleco Donkey Kong Gremlins
Coleco Electronic Quarterback Tron
Milton Bradley Microvision Friday the 13th Part II
Tiger Sub Wars (LED) Escape from New York (used as non-game prop)

Currently checking on or looking for these:
Tomy's Pac Man was seen in an episode of Magnum P.I. by Linda. (Birdman of Budapest, Ep 16 of Season 3. The DVD comes out Jan 31st, so I'll try to get an image from it around then...)
Mattel's Bee Gee's Rhythm Machine was used by the music group Kraftwerk in their song 'Pocket Calculator'
and frequently live onstage (see the Rhythm Machine page for images).
Parker Bros Merlin is seen being played by a young boy in an episode of Fantasy Island
(Ep 14 of Season 3: Look-Alikes/The Winemaker) Anyone have images of this?