Bambino UFO Master Blaster sounds used in Vangelis' 'Memories of Green'

Vangelis used Bambino's UFO Master Blaster in parts of 'Memories of Green' on the Blade Runner movie
soundtrack. I believe it's used throughout the song, but I noticed it quite prominently at the very beginning.
Below is a 30 second clip starting at the beginning of the song (it's kind of quiet, listen for the faint beeping in the background):

From an article posted at
One of the best scenes in the film occurs early on, when Deckard (Harrison Ford) has an awkward meeting with
Rachael (Sean Young). The music heard in this scene fits it perfectly, yet was taken from an earlier Vangelis album.
The piece, 'Memories Of Green', is distinctive for its melancholy, 'drunk' piano sound. Raphael Preston [one of
Vangelis' closest technical collaborators]: "We used an Electroharmonix Electric Mistress flanger pedal on
'Memories Of Green', putting a Steinway Grand through it. The electronic noises on there came from one of the first
hand-held electronic games, a Japanese thing called the Bambino UFO Master Blaster Station! I had to play it for
the length of the piece without losing the game, because when you lost, it made the most horrible noise."

Song clip copyright 1980/1994 Vangelis/Atlantic/WEA Records.

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