Games used in the movie Bookies:

As promised, I finally have pictures of all the games used in the 2003 MGM movie Bookies. I was really surprised to find
all these classic handhelds used in this movie (it's even set in 2003 (you see someone playing a Gameboy Advance
in it at one time)). Here's the quick list: Coleco Galaxian & Head to Head Soccer, Tomy Cosmic Clash, Tennis,
3D Sky Attack, 3D Thundering Turbo & 3D Shark Attack, MB Flash Wits. Lots of pictures follow:
Here's the first shot (and two close-ups follow), on either end of the windowsill you can see
Coleco's Galaxian and Tomy's Tennis. Right next to Tennis is Tomy's Cosmic Clash.

A little while later you see this shot. The games are never touched on screen, but they are
obviously moving around during the production...

Coleco's Head to Head Soccer above Lukas Haas.

Two shots of the lamp pole that has the 3 Tomy 3-D games hanging on it. They kept moving around
during the movie, but again, they are never handled on-screen. The games are
3-D Sky Attack (red), 3-D Thundering Turbo (white) and 3-D Shark Attack (blue/grey)

All images copyright MGM Pictures.

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