Mattel Football sounds used in Supertramp's 'The Logical Song'

Supertramp released a song called 'The Logical Song' on the Breakfast In America album in 1979. During a part
of the song you can hear the double-tweet 4th down sound from Mattel's Football game at about 3:24 into the song.
You can play a sample of the song below starting at about 3:20:
(This is a lot louder than the Vangelis clip, watch your volume. :) )

From an article posted at
The percussion intro for the song was a montage that had to be assembled. [Drummer Bob] Siebenberg hit a very small
cymbal and played the castanets, and [woodwinds John] Helliwell provided the heavy breathing. Actually, the main
stumbling block for this part of the piece was that it took some time for Siebenberg to learn how to play the castanets correctly.

The band also had some fun with the end section of the song, piling on overdubs of wah-wah Clavinet, timbales,
cowbell and a Mattel digital football game sound (after the "d-d-digital" line, of course). The game belonged to
an engineer who was working in the other studio (who, [producer/engineer Peter] Henderson jokes,
"is still waiting for his royalty check for its use").

Song clip copyright 1979/1990 Supertramp/A&M Records.

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