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Video Technology Handheld Games (Vtech, VTL) (55 listed)

Used the Time & Fun logo (also used as 'Arcade Time & Fun', 'Mini Time & Fun' and 'Tini-Arcade' on their tabletop models). (Based on the boxed games I have, I'm not certain the model numbers for these games are accurate. The numbers only seem to appear on the back of the manuals, so they might actually be part numbers for the manuals themselves...)

Backgammon Master
Baseball (Talking)
Banana (Time & Fun)
Bomb Fight (Mini Time & Fun)
Bowling (LCD)
Caccia al Ladro Isidoro & Sonja (Heathcliff and Sonja)
Cessate il Fuoco Isidoro & Sonja (Heathcliff and Sonja)
Checkers Master
Chess Master
Chicky Woggy (Arcade Time & Fun)
Chicky Woggy (Tini-Arcade)
Condor (Time & Fun)
Cops Chase (Tri-Screen Time & Fun)
Crazy Chewy (Tini-Arcade)
Deep Diver (Tri-Screen Time & Fun)
Deputy Den (Tri-Screen Time & Fun)
Diamond Hunt (Tri-Screen Time & Fun)
Dragon Castle (Tini-Arcade)
Dragon Castle (Arcade Time & Fun)
Dragon Castle (Calculator Time & Fun)
Escape (Time & Fun)
Football (Talking)
Game Burger
Game Machine 2
Hippo Teeth (Mini Time & Fun)
Home Sweet Home (Tabletop)
Home Sweet Home (Calculator Time & Fun)
Hot Line (Mini Time & Fun)
Hot Line (Tooth Sporty Time & Fun)
Invaders (VFD)
Mars Raid (Tri-Screen Time & Fun)
Mini Game Machine
Monkey (Time & Fun)
Monkey Jump (Arcade Time & Fun)
Pancake (Time & Fun)
Pinball (Talking)
Pirate (Time & Fun)
Rabbit Hop (Tri-Screen Time & Fun)
Rally Racer (Talking)
Roller Coaster
Safari (Time & Fun)
Sleep Walker (Time & Fun)
Soccer 2 (LED)
Soccer 3 (LED)
Sonic Invader (VFD)
Space Blasters (Talking)
Super Soccer (Tri-Screen Time & Fun)
Tennis Menace (Mini Time & Fun)
Variety (LCD cartridge system)
Water Polo (Tri-Screen Time & Fun)
Wild Man Jump (Tini-Arcade)
Wizard, Mini

The 'type' of game describes what it looks like, here's some examples:

Time & Fun

Arcade Time & Fun

Tri-Screen Time & Fun
Mini Time & Fun

Caclulator Time & Fun

Tooth Sporty Time & Fun








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