Vtech Caccia al Ladro Isidoro & Sonja (1982, LCD, Watch Batteries, Model# ??)

An Italian game based on the comic strip Heathcliff by George Gately. (Sonja is Heathcliff's girlfriend, I guess Heathcliff is called Isidoro in Italy). Caccia al Ladro roughly translates to Chase the Thief (or Shoot the Thief). Game play: Heathcliff (cat at the bottome of the screen) strikes bowling balls toward the cats on top side of the screen. The dog in the middle of the screen simply disturbs his action. (I'm guessing the cats at the top are stealing Heathcliff's fish, and he's trying to stop them, while the dog tries to prevent Heathcliff from succeeding). Thanks to Luca Antignano for the pic. Luca has written a simulator for this (and many other games), check 'em out at madrigal.retrogames.com. This is the first of two Heathcliff games that have been found in Italy, the other is Cessate il Fuoco.

Do I have this? No (but I'd really love to have one!)

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