Vtech Mars Raid (19??, LCD, Watch Batteries, Model# ??)

Very hard to find Vtech Tri-Screen game... From the back of the box: An evil robot civilization on Mars threatens the universe and only you can prevent it. Take your Hatchet fighter craft into the treacherous Martian Canals. Shoot your way through the ruthless computerized Flying Saucers. Fly on to attack the main Robot city. Bomb the invincible Robo-tank and then land to tackle the main Robot headquarters on foot. Only a perfect throw with an atomic granade can destroy the entire complex. And the Robot guardian of the Gate has the strength of ten and the endurance of solid steel. But overcoming impossible odds is the only way to win in the MARSRAID. :)

French version (sorry about the tiny pic... :)

Do I have this? No.

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