Vtech Variety (1983, LCD, Watch Batteries, Model# 91-0194-00)

'The Unlimited LCD Game!' This is a cartridge based game system. The console is nothing more than controls and a place to put batteries, each cartridge has it's own LCD screen and micro-controller. This system apparently came with different pack-in games (the one photographed here has Past Invasions, mine has Burglar Alarm). Six games are listed on the back of my box, 3 of which appear to be under the heading 'The new 2-layer games!' (which means they have two LCD panels stacked for more creative game play). I'm not sure if there are other games that were ever made for this system or not. The six games are: Super Soccer (80-0570), Burglar Alarm (80-0571), Past Invasions (80-0561), UFO Factory (80-0573), Radioactive (80-0574), and Man Eater (80-0575) (the first 3 being the 2-layer games based on the artwork on the box). (A trivia note: The game called 'Robot' that can be seen on the front of the box is actually UFO Factory.)

Boxes (I've recently found a 'generic' black & white box as well):

Do I have this? Yes, boxed w/ Burglar Alarm and the generic white box with Man Eater.

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