(69 listed) (All games are LCD unless otherwise noted)
Gakken was a foreign distributer/maker of handheld games (Sometimes used the name LSI). Some of the games can be found in the US from other distributers, usually under different names, this is noted on the games I know about. (Again, I'm ignoring the palm-sized handhelds for now)

AC Adapter
Amidar (VFD)
Backgammon 2
Baseball (LED)
Baseball 3
Baseball V
Baseball 9
Basketball (VFD Tabletop)
Battle Front (VFD, Box variation)
Big Wrestler
Black Jack
Checker Flag
Computer Chess
Crazy Kong
Defender (VFD)
Dig Dug (VFD)
Donkey Angler
Fishing Boy
Fitter (VFD)
Football (American) (VFD Tabletop)
Football (American Soccer) (VFD Tabletop)
Frogger (VFD)
Galaxy Invader 1000 (VFD)
Game Robot 9
Gun Fighter
Heiankyo Alien (VFD)
Igo Trainer
Indy Champion
Invader (VFD)
Invader 1000 (VFD)
Invader 2000 (VFD)
Jet Fighter (VFD)
Jumping Boy
Jungler (VFD)
King Arthur's Knight
Krabben Terror
Kitchen Panic
K. O. Boxing
Lunar Surface Tennis (LED)
Mini Backgammon
Moon Patrol
Nankyoku Monogatari (Antarctica)
Paint Roller (VFD)
Puck Monster (VFD)
Puck Monster (VFD, different style)
Robin Hood
Search Light
Snow Monster
Soccer (LCD handheld)
Soccer (VFD Tabletop)
Space Galaxy (VFD)
Space Invader (VFD)
Star Player
Super Battles (VFD)
Super Cobra (VFD)
Super Cobra (VFD, different style)
Super Puck Monster (VFD)
Tom & Jerry Prank/Popper/Pinball
Towering Rescue
Trojan Horse

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