Gakken/Lindy Paint Roller (19xx, VFD, 4 C Batteries, Model# 1050017)
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Based on the Paint Roller arcade game (which is a bootleg of Kural Samno's Crush Roller arcade game). You can play alone or head-to-head style. The game has one VFD display that is viewable on both sides (this is really obvious becuase all of the writing is backwards for player two. Like Game Over, etc.) Sort of a reverse Pac Man game, you have to 'paint' each square red without running into the monsters. Occasionally a cat will come out put paw prints in your fresh paint, and you have to repaint those areas (that's the premise anyway, any painted square the cat touches turns off and you have to paint it red again.) Also has a demo mode. This game was released by Lindy in Germany, Gakken in Japan.

Back of German box:

Japanese version and a pic of it turned on:

Do I have this? Yes, German boxed and Japanese boxed (first pic is mine)

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