Wanted Games:

I'm actively searching for any of these games, any condition unless noted (Click on the game to see a picture of the exact one I'm referring to if you aren't sure what it looks like.) This doesn't necessarily reflect all the games I'm after, I'm after any VFD game I don't already have, even if it's not listed on the website...

Actronics- Cosmic Twinvader (Walkie Game style)
Actronics- Mr. Digger
Actronics- Wanted G-Man
Bandai- Bank Gang
Bazin- Dynamite Panic
Casio- Colorinvader (Boxed)
Casio- Miracle Pinball (w/ calculator)
Coleco- Star Trek (Anyone know if this exists in working form?)
Entex- Black Knight Pinball (Boxed)
Entex- Select-a-Game (Football cart boxed)
Gakken- Football (American)
Gakken- Puck Monster (Alt Ver) (Boxed) (Click to see what version I need)
Gakken- Soccer
Gakken- Tom & Jerry Pinball (Japanese version, boxed)
Mattel- Funtronics Drag Race (Boxed)
Mattel- Funtronics Tag (boxed only)
Mattel- Long Bomb Football (Loose is fine, just as long as it's working (mine has a bad LCD))
Namco- Galaga 2000
Nentone- Frog Prince (boxed only)
RDI- Halcyon laserdisc game system (and/or Thayer's Quest disc for it)
Takara- Dougram (Japanese)
Takara- Kangoku Lock (Japanese)
Takara- Pythaligoras (Japanese)
Tandy (Radio Shack)- Fire Away Watch (Anyone ever seen this?)
Tiger- Any of the Tabletop, Color Flip, Double Wide Screen, Large Screen or aluminum case LCD games I don't have.
Tiger- Frogger (keychain)
Tiger- Moon Patrol (keychain)
Tiger- Pong (keychain)
Tiger- Space Invaders (keychain)
Tiger- Space Invaders (handheld)
Tiger- Star Castle (Tabletop)
Tomy- Hello Kitty (any of them boxed)
Tomy- Mr. Do!
Tomy- Mr. Go! (boxed only)
Tsukuda- Computer Baseball (Japanese)
Vtech- Any Tini-Arcade, Arcade Time & Fun, Calc Time & Fun, Tri-Screen or Tooth Sporty that I don't have.