Tiger Keychains (1998-99, LCD, 1 or 2 LR-44 batteries, Model# 65-xxx)

Tiger made several keychain games based on popular arcade games: Defender (Williams), Frogger (Konami), Joust (Williams), Millipede (Atari), Moon Patrol (Williams), Pong (Atari), Space Invaders (Taito), Tempest (Atari)... Maybe others. Made around 1998. They also have some non-arcade games in the series: Kaboom! (based on Activision's Atari 2600 Kaboom! game), Fishing Champion, Match 4, Sonic the Hedgehog...

Joust (1998, 2 LR-44s, Model# 65-123), Tempest (1998, 1 LR-44, Model #65-129)

Defender (1997, 2 LR-44s, Model# 65-122), Kaboom! (199?, 2 LR-44s, Model# ?)

Do I have these? Only Defender, Joust, Kaboom! and Tempest all still sealed. (Those are mine pictured)

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