Mattel's Funtronics games (Jacks, Red Light Green Light, Tag and Hot Wheels Drag Race) (1979, LED, 9 Volt)
U. S. Patent # for Jacks: 4,355,806
U. S. Patent # for Red Light/Green Light: 4,296,926
Invented by: Gordon Buck and Martha Hardwick (Red Light) (according to the patent)
View Manual (For Red Light/Green Light & Jacks)

There are 4 games from Mattel under the 'Funtronics' label: Jacks (Model# 1603), Red Light-Green Light (Model# 1604), Tag (Model# 1497) and Hot Wheels Drag Race (Model# 1604) (I believe this was the last version of one of these games, and possibly less than 10,000 of them were made. It's the exact same game as Red Light Green Light (notice it has the same model number). It also has the Hot Wheels logo on it, so it's possible that it was some kind of mail-in prize for buying a certain number of Hot Wheels, but I'm not certain... Still trying to figure this one out.) All of them look about the same (see pic), and are simple LED based games. (Thanks to Taki for the Tag box pic.) Tag was also known as Tag Chat! in France.

French/Canadian version of Red Light/Green Light and Tag Chat:

Do I have these? Yes, all 4 loose plus Jacks and Red Light boxed (Jacks is still sealed).

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