Tomy Cosmic Clash (1982, Lights, 2 D Batteries, Model# 7097)
U. S. Design Patent # D272,163 (patent for the look of the game housing)

One of several little arcade game shaped handhelds from Tomy (they even have fake coin doors molded into the fronts of them). Most of these are sub-named 'Mini-Arcade.' These are mechanical in nature for the most part, and this one features speech. I opened one up to see how this was accomplished (you don't want to open these, you have to cut the side sticker in half to do it), and found a little record inside with the speech and explosions recorded on it. (See the pictures at the very bottom.)

Close up of the instruction sticker on the game:

Here's the inside of the game (and a close-up of the record surface). The white 'T' at the bottom
is the needle assembly, the record itself is located directly beneath it, and there's a clear, plastic
cone on top of the needle that acts as a speaker.

Do I have this? Yes, boxed.

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