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Milton Bradley made my favorite handheld game when I was a kid: Microvision. I saw this game advertised on TV in Oct of 1979, and I immediately turned to my mom and said 'I want that for Christmas!' Well, when December rolled around, that game was no where to be seen. EVERY toy store was sold out of the system and all the games, and wouldn't be getting more in until February or later of next year. I was convinced I wasn't going to be getting it for Xmas. Imagine my surprise when I got the system and Connect Four! Turns out my mom went out that same day in Oct that I mentioned and bought it then... Gotta love Moms! My Microvision collection was complete with the purchase of Baseball for $4.99 from KayBee toys when they had them on close-out sale (the systems were $9.99). I was an anal kid, and still have all of them in their boxes, in complete condition. I was even very picking about people NOT using their finger nails to press the buttons... :) Anyway, that's my boring story about how I got my collection of Microvision. (Now I'm trying to get all the games still sealed with the large cardboard backing to it, and the foreign versions)

Arcade Mania (Board game)
Big Trak
Comp IV
Cosmic Commander Atari 2600 controller
Light Fight
Logic 5
Max Backtalk
Merlin (2004 re-release)
Microvision (U.S.) FAQ inside!
Microvision (Foreign)
Plus One
Simon (and Pocket Simon, Super Simon, Simon keychain) (A.k.a. Senso in Germany)
Simon 2
Star Bird
Star Bird Command Base
Star Bird Space Avenger
Star Bird Space Intruder

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