Grandstand BMX Flyer (1983, LCD, 4 AA Batteries, Model# 11307)
CPU: Chip labeled BIKE 6948
A/C Adapter: 6v DC, 200mA (or more), Center Pole Negative

Licensed from Tomy and released in Germany (and possibly other UK countries), released by Tomy as Wheelie Crosser in Japan. You control the 'Flyer' (a daring BMX stunt rider). You must make him jump and wheelie over all the obstacles (Wheelie over small holes and cans (the little triangles), jump over mad riders in front of you (hold down Jump for longer jumps), use Dirt to slow down mad riders behind you, and use the down key to ride into long holes (he'll ride out automatically). Try to get the little BMX water bottles for more energy (meter by the score)).

This is one of 4 different games (6 total including name variations) in the Multicolorlaser 6000 series. These where manufactured by Tomy and licensed by Grandstand for sale in the UK. Their most impressive feature is a multi-colored backlit LCD, which is very impressive looking (and it is backlit by a full-length flourescent light). These games have the best looking LCD screens I've ever seen on ANY handheld game. (The 6 titles in this series are: Tomy's Mr Do! or Mr. Go!, Tomy's Wheelie Crosser or Grandstand's BMX Flyer, Grandstand's Thomas the Tank Engine and Tomy's Monster Burger.) If you want an idea of what the inside of these look like, there are internal pictures of Mr. Go! on the Guts page, the others are similar.

Manual available

Box front and back:

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