Manuals for handheld games!

Most of these manuals are in PDF format, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. Here's what's currently available with file size listed: (right-click and select Save option to download to your hard drive)

Actronics- Challenge Racer (310 Kb)
AHTI- Horse Race Analyzer (1.4 meg)
Atari- Touch Me (250 Kb)
Bambino- Basketball (930 Kb)
Bambino- Football, Classic (2.2 meg)
Bambino- Football, Superstar (2 meg)
Bambino- Ice Hockey (960 Kb)
Bambino- Safari (2 meg)
Bambino- Soccer (1 meg)
Bambino- Space Laser Fight (1.9 meg)
Bambino- UFO Master Blaster (400 Kb)
Bandai- Air Traffic Control (TC7) (490 Kb)
Bandai- Crazy Climber (1.2meg)
Bandai- Gunfighter (900 Kb)
Bandai- Missile Invader (160 Kb)
Bandai- Mole Patrol (310 Kb)
Bandai- Packri Monster (1.2 meg)
Bandai- Pair Match (850 Kb)
Bandai- Penguin Land (125 Kb) (.GIF image)
Bandai- Race Time (260 Kb)
Bandai- Space Guardian Gundam (330 Kb)
Bandai- Super Boy (90 Kb)
Bandai- Torpedo Shoot (210 Kb)
Bandai- U-Boat (VFD) (330 Kb)
Castle Toy- Kingpin II (380 Kb)
CGL- Galaxy Twinvader (730 Kb)
Coleco- Alien Attack (500 Kb)
Coleco- Amaze-A-Tron (430 Kb)
Coleco- Bowl-a-tronic (1.4 meg)
Coleco- Digits (850 Kb)
Coleco- Donkey Kong (525 Kb)
Coleco- Donkey Kong Jr (1.4 meg)
Coleco- Electronic Quarterback (1.5 meg)
Coleco- Frogger (460 Kb)
Coleco- Galaxian (790 Kb)
Coleco- Head to Head Baseball (1.4 meg)
Coleco- Head to Head Baseball Manager's Handbook (900 Kb) 
Coleco- Head to Head Basketball (520 Kb)
Coleco- Head to Head Boxing (630 Kb)
Coleco- Head to Head Football (600 Kb)
Coleco- Head to Head Hockey (1.3 meg)
Coleco- Head to Head Soccer (530 Kb)
Coleco- Ms Pac Man (690 Kb)
Coleco- Pac Man (880 Kb)
Coleco- Quiz Wiz Challenger (760 Kb)
Coleco- Total Control 4 (1.4 meg)
Coleco- Total Control 4 Football Playbook (860 Kb) 
Coleco- Total Control 4 Playing Hints (250 Kb)
Coleco- Zap! (225 Kb)
Coleco- Zaxxon (1.3 meg)
Coleco- Zodiac (11.5 meg) (Nearly 100 pages)
Coleco- Zodiac Worksheet (350 Kb) 
Collins- Star Trek II Watch (270 Kb)
Conic- Soccer (140 Kb)
Entex- 3D Escape! 1000 Mazes (470 Kb)
Entex- 3D Grand Prix (320 Kb)
Entex- Baseball (360 Kb) (Use BB 3 score sheet)
Entex- Baseball 2 (470 Kb) (Use BB 3 score sheet)
Entex- Baseball 3 (1.3 meg) (With score sheet)
Entex- Basketball 2 (450 Kb)
Entex- Crazy Climber (380 Kb)
Entex- Defender (395 Kb)
Entex- Football 3 (430 Kb)
Entex- Football 4 (910 Kb)
Entex- Galaxian 2 (485 Kb)
Entex- Gin Rummy/Blackjack (845 Kb)
Entex- Pac Man 2 (1.1 meg)
Entex- Poker (460 Kb)
Entex- Select-a-Game Console (550 Kb)
Entex- Select-a-Game Baseball 4 (620 Kb)
Entex- Select-a-Game Pac Man 2 (430 Kb)
Entex- Select-a-Game Pinball (1.2 meg)
Entex- Select-a-Game Space Invader 2 (450 Kb)
Entex- Space Battle (325 Kb)
Entex- Space Invader (800 Kb)
Entex- Stargate (490 Kb)
Entex- Super Cobra (1.2 meg)
Entex- Super Space Invader 2 (310 Kb)
Entex- Tennis (340 Kb)
Entex- Turtles (435 Kb)
Epoch- Digit-Com 9 Baseball (330 Kb)
Epoch- Dracula (850 Kb)
Epoch- Galaxy II (290 Kb)
Epoch- Professional (1.0 meg)
Epoch- Invader from Space (780 Kb)
Fonas- 3-in-1 Sports (430 Kb)
Fonas- Tri-1 (720 Kb)
Gakken- Defender (230 Kb)
Gakken- Pinball (250 Kb)
Gakken- Puck Monster (220 Kb)
Gakken- Space Galaxy (250 Kb)
Gakken- Space Invader (130 Kb)
GCE- Chase N counter (440 Kb)
GCE- Space N counter (400 Kb)
Grandstand- Astro Wars (700 Kb)
Grandstand- BMX Burner (870 Kb)
Grandstand- BMX Flyer (850 Kb)
Grandstand- Crazy Monster (250 Kb)
Grandstand- Firefox F-7 (1.2 meg)
Grandstand- Solitaire (92 Kb)
Grandstand- Star Force (590 Kb)
Grandstand- Thomas the Tank Engine (380 Kb)
Grandstand- Thunderbids: Danger at Ocean Deep (160 Kb)
Innovator (Vtech)- Monster Chase (190 Kb)
K-Mart- Dunk 'n Sunk (140 Kb)
Lakeside- Computer Pefection (630 Kb)
LJN- Impulse (190 Kb)
Mattel- Armor Attack (380 Kb)
Mattel- Armor Battle (660 Kb)
Mattel- Auto Race (970 Kb)
Mattel- Backgammon (1.4 meg)
Mattel- Baseball (2 meg)
Mattel- Basketball (1.3 meg)
Mattel- Basketball 2 (1.4 meg)
Mattel- Battlestar Galactica (850 Kb)
Mattel- Bowling (1.1 meg)
Mattel- Brain Baffler (3.1 meg)
Mattel- Computer Gin (2.2 meg)
Mattel- Dallas (board game) (2 meg)
Mattel- Dungoens & Dragons LCD (1.2 meg)
Mattel- Football (1.5 meg)
Mattel- Football 2 (1.5 meg)
Mattel- Gravity (700 Kb)
Mattel- Guttang Gottong (110 Kb)
Mattel- Horoscope Computer (900 Kb)
Mattel- Funtronics Red Light/Green Light (360 Kb)
Mattel- Funtronics Jacks (360 Kb)
Mattel- Hockey (1.9 meg)
Mattel- IAN (1.2 meg) (Invisible Alien Neutralizer)
Mattel- Long Bomb Football (400 Kb)
Mattel- Look Alive Football (620 Kb)
Mattel- Ski Slalom (690 Kb)
Mattel- Soccer (395 Kb)
Mattel- Soccer 2 (2.3 meg)
Mattel- Speed Freak (1 Meg)
Mattel- Star Hawk (310 Kb)
Mattel- Sub Chase (750 Kb)
Mattel- Ultra Dome (110 Kb)
Mattel- World Championship Baseball (2.8 meg)
Mattel- World Championship Football (1.2 meg)
MB- Comp IV (Logic 5) (540 Kb)
MB- Pocket Simon (or Simon) (690 Kb)
MB- Microvision and all Games
Mego- MiniVid Breakfree (500 Kb)
Mego- MiniVid Dodge City Gunfight (450 Kb)
Mego- MiniVid Sea Battle (210 Kb)
Mego- Pulsonic Baseball 2 (135 Kb)
MGA- Mappy (400 Kb)
Nelsonic- Pac-Man Watch (Button ver.) (350 Kb)
Parker Bros- Bank Shot (930 Kb)
Parker Bros- Master Merlin (1.25 Meg)
Parker Bros- Merlin (905 Kb)
Parker Bros- Merlin: The 10th Quest (790 Kb)
Parker Bros- Q*Bert (1.5 meg)
Parker Bros- Split Second (760 Kb)
Parker Bros- Wildfire Pinball (440 Kb)
Regency- Harlem Globetrotters Basketball (380 Kb)
Regency- Power Pigskin (820 Kb)
Romtec- Pucki & Monsters (130 Kb)
Rosy- Astro Vader 3D (320 Kb)
Rosy- Puck 'n Monster 3D (540 Kb)
Rosy- Space Galaxy 3D (340 Kb)
Sakitron- Sagball (255 Kb)
Sears- Compu-Bowl (230 Kb)
Sega- Pods (750 Kb)
Sega- Pods ('Important' Sheet) (100 Kb)
Tandy/Radio Shack- Alien Chase (460 Kb) (Same as Tomy's)
Tandy/Radio Shack- Astro (2.1 Meg)
Tandy/Radio Shack- Cosmic 1000 Fire Away (200 Kb)
Tandy/Radio Shack- Cosmic 2000 Fire Away (300 Kb)
Tandy- Kingman (380 Kb)
Tandy/Radio Shack- Pirate (175 Kb)
Tiger- 2-in-1 Safari and Darts (120 Kb)
Tiger- King Kong (Tabletop) (830 Kb)
Tiger- Marble Madness (520 Kb)
Tiger- Mr. Bullfrog (140 Kb)
Tiger- Playmaker Football (1.2 Meg)
Tiger- Raceway (180 Kb)
Tiger- Sub Wars (LED) (250 Kb)
Tommy- Soccer & Space War (155 Kb)
Tomy- 3D Thundering Turbo (320 Kb)
Tomy- Arcade Attack (126 Kb)
Tomy- Caveman (635 Kb)
Tomy- Cosmic Combat (300 Kb)
Tomy- Digital Daredevil (115 Kb)
Tomy- Monster Burger (450 Kb)
Tomy- Mr Go! (Mr Do!) (300 Kb)
Tomy- Pac Man (500 Kb)
Tomy- Pro Tennis (255 Kb)
Tomy- Scramble (775 Kb)
Tomy- Slimline Speedway (305 Kb)
Tomy- Tennis (140 Kb)
Tomy- Tron (370 Kb)
Toytronic- Encore (195 Kb)
Toytronic- Spaceship Pinball (165 Kb)
Tudor- Deluxe Football (850 Kb)
Tudor- Football (170 Kb)
Unimex- Pinball (360 Kb)
U.S. Games- Programmable Baseball (240 Kb)
U.S. Games- Super Sports 4 (625 Kb)
Vanity Fair- Bowling (295 Kb)
Videomaster- Enterprise (1 Meg)
Vtech- Deep Diver (220 Kb)
Vtech- Diamond Hunt (200 Kb)
Waddingtons- The Game Machine (560 Kb)
Waddingtons- The Game Machine Score sheets (320 Kb)
Wing Group- Space Shuttle (340 Kb)

Assembly manual for the Vectrex store display.

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