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Casio Handheld Games
(159 listed)

Most of these are LCD games, but they still seem cool in some way... :) Some have flip-up lids, some are solar powered. Others are just kinda cool.
They also made a LOT of watch games, which seem to be quite desirable based on the prices they fetch on Ebay.

Aero Batics (Watch) GA-7
Airforce Fighter CG-380
Alerte au Feu CG-22
Apple Catch CG-112
Astero Zone CG-31
Astro Chicken CG-130
Atomic Robot (Watch) GA-5
Augie Doggie & Doggie Daddy (Watch) AG-46
Auto Race CG-105
Baseball w/ calculator BB-9
Baseball w/ calculator BB-10
Basketball (Watch) GF-11
Battlefield CG-440
Beam War, The CG-400
Bird Family CG-93
Block Burster CG-200
Block Burster Calculator CG-260
Border Army CG-390
Boxing w/ calculator BG-8
Boxing w/ calculator BG-15
Boxing w/ calculator BG-20
CA-90 (Watch) CA-90
Canoe Slalom CG-98
Car Race (Watch) GD-8
Castle Adventure CG-131
Cat Hand CG-32
Cave Adventure CG-124A
Champion Derby KG-100
Champion Derby 2 KG-200
Champion Racer (Watch) GR-15
Circus Jumbo CG-41
Circus Kong CG-30
Cosmo Fighter CG-110
Cosmo Flight (Watch) GC-7
Cosmo Flight (Alt) (Watch) GC-8
Cosmo Thunder CG-81
Crazy Bee
Crocodile Panic CG-129
Cross Fighter CG-87
Cyber Cross (Watch) JG-200
Dandy Cowboy CG-51
Deep Jungle CG-42
Digiris AG-110 / CG-110
Digital Invader Game (Watch) CA-503
Digital Shooting MG-80
Dolphin & Boy CG-123A
Dragon Castle CG-113
Dragon's Egg CG-122(A)
Egg Panic (Watch) GE-6
Exciting Hockey CG-620
Exciting Motocross
FBI and Gang CG-119(A)
Fighting Rabbit CG-94
Fire Panic CG-22
Fire Rescue
Football (Watch) GS-12
Funky Pierrot CG-21
Funny Circus CG-90
Funny Waiter CG-118A
Game 10 (Watch) GM-10
Game 20 (Watch) GM-20
Game 30 (Watch) GM-30
Game 301 (Watch) GM-301
Game 40 (Watch) GM-40
Game 401 (Watch) GM-401
Game Calculator MG-333
Game Calculator MG-660
Game Calculator MG-775
Game Calculator MG-777
Game Calculator MG-885
Game Calculator MG-888
Golf (Watch)
Great Racer CG-320
Great Savanna CG-100
Guerilla Warfare CG-410
Heli Battle CG-370
Heli-Fighter (Watch) GH-16
Hippo and Mouth CG-111
Holiday Cat TK-5B
Hop Monster CG-80
Hungry Dragon CG-116(A)
Hungry Mouse (Watch) GM-8
Hungry Giraffe CG-91
Hustle Minora (Watch) GM-5
Jet Star CG-430
Jumping Frog CG-127
Jungle Star (Watch) GJ-9
Kangaroo Land CG-96
Karate Fight CG-610
Kung Fu CG-310
Kung Fu Fight CG-310A
Lot-A-Luck (Watch, lottery generator)
Lovely Angel CG-128
Lovely Koala CG-95
Lovely Panda CG-92
Love Star FG-12
Mad Fighter CG-84
Magical Crystal CG-121(A)
Making 10 MG-90
Marine Hunter CG-50
Miracle Pinball CG-210
Miracle Pinball Calculator CG-250
Missile Defender CG-83
Mogland CG-60
Mole Hunter CG-53
Money and Bomb CG-20
Moon Fight Robot (Watch) GR-3
Motorboat Race CG-120
Nyan Nyan Mate
Music Game Calculator MG-880
Oct-Reversi CG-88
Oct-Reversi w/ Calculator CG-8
Pachinko PG-200
Pachinko 2 PG-500
Pachinko Game PG-100
Penguin Junior CG-82
Puppy Garden CG-52
Quick Draw Mc Graw (Watch) AG-21
Rabbit Farm CG-130A
Reversi CG-8
Roulette Calculator AG-100
Scramble Fighter (Watch) GF-2
Sea Adventure CG-125
Sea Bear CG-40
Shuttle Bomber CG-70
SL Bankman CG-360
Soccer SG-11
Soccer (Watch) GS-11
Soccer Calculator SG-12
Solar Shuttle CG-10
Soldier Fighter CG-86
SOS Titanic CG-117(A)
Space Attacker CG-350
Space Hero (Watch) GH-17
Space Rescue CG-126
Space Warrior (Watch) GS-16
Squirrel & Racoon CG-114
Star Invader CG-600
Straight Flush (Watch) GC-50
Submarine Battle CG-330
Super Digital Battle AG-120 / CG-920
Super Shooting Fight CG-810L
Super Slalomer (Watch) GS-2
Super Space Battle CG-820L
Super Western Bar CG-800L
Super Wind Surfing (Watch) GS-20
Suspension Bridgeman CG-115
Tortoise F-1 Race (Watch) GT-6
Trap Shooting CG-340
Turbo Drive MG-200
Watercoaster (A.k.a. Lunapark) CG-61
Western Bar CG-300
Western Sheriff CG-420
Winning Racer (Watch) GC-5
Zoomnzap (Watch) GZ-1

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