Tiger Space Fight (1988, LCD, 2 AA Batteries, Model# 7-755)

In 1989, Tiger introduced their new "Super Sound" series with 3 new games. All of these featured 'exciting new graphics and game play on an even larger super size LCD.' Each game also featured a variety of 'Super Sound' effects. The 3 initial games released in 1989 in this series are Road Race, Space Fight and Sub Wars. (I'm not sure if additional Super Sound games were released in the following years.) (Space Fight was also previously released as a smaller LCD game, pictured at the bottom.)

Space Fight: As the commander of earth's new scientific space station, you must protect it from enemy spacecraft that wish to destroy it.

Older game with the same name (but I believe different game play):

Orlitronic version from France:

Do I have this? No.

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