Tiger / Virca Pantera Rosa / Orlitronic La Panthere Rose (1983, LCD, Watch Batteries, Model# ??)

This is Virca's version of Tiger's Pink Panther (released in Italy). (Notice is still says 'Tiger' on the game itself.) Based on the Pink Panther cartoon character. Also, Orlitronic's version called La Panthere Rose from Belgium at the bottom. This is part of the 'Large Screen' series.

Games in the 'Large Screen' series (9 found so far): A-Team, King Kong, Lucky Luke, Onc' Picsou, Pac Man, Pink Panther / Pantera Rosa, Puffi, Smurf, Space Invaders.

Orlitronic version from Beligum called La Panthere Rose:

Do I have this? Yes, Pantera Rosa boxed (new, bad LCD).

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