Tiger Monster Maze (1982, LCD, 4 C batteries, Model# 7-700)

Monster Maze tabletop. (Similar to the handheld, a Pac Man clone). VTech's Crazy Chewy also has the same screen, so it's probably the same game as well. These games have a colored LCD and a backlight (which is accessible by a little cover on the back).
Thanks to EmeraldR for the top picture and Linda for the box pictures.

Games in the Tabletop series (5 found so far, and 1 Unreleased):
Jawbreaker, King Kong, Monster Maze, Smurfs, Space Invaders and Star Castle (Unreleased).

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Here's how it looks in the catalog (anyone ever see one of Tiger's tabletops in this case design?) and a screen shot, also from the catalog:

Do I have this? No.

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