Mego Mini-Vid Sea Battle (1979, LCD, 9 Volt, Model# ?)
U. S. Design Patent # D264,356 (patent on the look of the game housing)

One of four of the Mini-Vid game series, this is an LCD game with a 20x13 display, very similar to the one used in MB's Microvision. There are two ships, one on each player's end. You can change the direction of the ship and fire missiles from them in an attempt to destroy your opponent's ship. (The display is a normal looking LCD, it doesn't look anything like the one pictured on the box. It doesn't light up at all.) This game also appears to be able to develop the same kind of 'LCD rot' that plagues the Microvision system. It's visible on mine, but only when you open the game, it doesn't appear on the actual play field (yet?). Check out the Guts section to see the inside of the game.

Manual available.

I have two, my loose one looks like the box picture, here's the colors of my other one (notice the slight LCD rot):

Do I have this? Yes, loose and boxed/new.

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