Mego Mini-Vid Dodge City Gunfight (1979, VFD, 9 Volt, Model# 97003)
U. S. Design Patent # D264,356 (patent on the look of the game housing)

One of 4 of the Mini-Vid game series, this is a VFD game. Gunfighting game! (duh...) There are two rows of little gunmen (one row for each player), and the rest are squares (like Break Free). In head-to-head mode, you each have one gunman that you move back and forth while trying to shoot your oponent. You each have 16 bullets, when the bullets are all used, the game is over and a score is displayed. In one-player mode, the computer controls 6 gunmen on one side against your one. The computer's gunmen never move, but they can shoot from any location (as if they did move, but their bodies never change location). Same object, except the game is over after you get hit once (and you still only have 16 bullets, so after you fire them all off, you can't do anything but dodge the computer's shots until you give up or get hit... :).

Manual in PDF available.

Closeup of the display (while turned off, you can see the little gunmen):

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