Mego Mini-Vid Breakfree (1979, VFD, 9 Volt, Model# 97004)
U. S. Design Patent # D264,356 (patent on the look of the game housing)

One of 4 of the Mini-Vid game series, this is a VFD breakout type game. 3 different games, 1 & 2 are different versions of breakout (#2 is harder than #1), game 3 is a two player game, each player has a paddle, and it's played like Pong except you have a wall of blocks to protect behind your paddle. First person to loose all their blocks looses. This game (and the 3 others from this series) remind me of a VFD Microvision, similar display, similar types of games, just not in cartridge form (see the Entex Select-a-Game for a cartridge form of this theme.) Check out the Guts section to see the inside of this game!

Manual available

Back of the box shows all 4 games:

Do I have this? Yes, boxed. (This is mine pictured)

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