Mattel's Ticker Tape Fever (19--, LED, 4 D Batteries, Model# 3214) (Never released)
U. S. Patent # 4,363,489
Invented by: Jan Chodak and Luan Tran (according to the patent)

Game simulation of Wall Street... This game never even made it into prototyping, the one pictured below (from the 1981 Toy Fair catalog) is just a wooden mock-up to show what it looked like. The idea was interesting though: it was going to have a spinning row of LED in the center that would show a stock-ticker type display (sort of like the display used in Entex's Adventurevision). The cost of development, and perceived bordom of the game (how many kids do you know that would actually want to play a stock market game?) caused the game's development to be canned before it got very far. (Still... a real-estate buying/selling game has been popular for generations... (Monopoly).)

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