Entex Adventure Vision (1982, LED, 4D Batteries, Model# 6075)
Original suggested retail price: $79.99
Invented by Robert McCaslin
Case designed by Ortega Orr
Electronics designed and programmed by Steve Meadows (except the sound hardware)
Sound effect chip programmed by Larry Karr & Andy Barber (1/2 Kb COPs chip)

The Entex Adventure Vision is an interesting cartridge based game made in 1982. It created a display by using a single vertical column of 40 LEDs, and a spinning mirror to simulate 150 vertical rows (thus basically making it 150x40 resolution). Only four games were ever made for it, all based on arcade games: Defender (by Williams) (pack-in game), Turtles (by Stern/Konami) (#6076), Super Cobra (by Konami) (#6077) and Space Force (an Asteroids clone by Venture Line) (#6078). The cartridges are simply 2532 EPROMs with the pins wrapped around a plastic Molex connector to fit into the cartridge slot (which is just the other half of the same Molex connector). There's plenty more to say about this great little machine, and it all can all be found here: www.AdventureVision.com. ROM images and manuals can also be downloaded there. Very rare system (only 10,000 systems were made, and only 1000 each of the 3 seperate games) and I suspect due to it's fragile nature many of these were probably tossed in the trash over the years. (The mechanical parts inside probably failed frequently, and if you drop the thing, it's probably destroyed.) Boxed systems can sell for over $1500.

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Do I have this? Yes, boxed (brand new! Thanks John!), boxed (but not working right), and a loose one to play with.

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