Mattel's Missile Attack (1976, LED, 9 Volt, Model# 2048)
View Manual (Battlestar Galactica)

Missile Attack was released in 1977, (I had originally been told that this was the first one that they released, but it actually followed Auto Race and Football, this has been confirmed both by the programmer of Auto Race and Football (Mark Lesser) and one of the project engineers of the first games (Gary Cummings)). I believe Missile Attack was listed in the 1977 Sears catalog. It was quickly withdrawn from distribution (and later resold as Battlestar Galactica) becuase NBC refused to air the TV commercials for the game. The little city at the bottom (that the missile's are attacking) is actually an outline of New York City, and people at NBC were concerned about the impact it would have on children to think that New York's 8 million inhabitants would be dead if they lost the game. (Remember, this was the late 70's, and we weren't all being made insensitive to violence by seeing it on TV and movies every day. And being in the middle of the cold war didn't help either... :) Thanks to Howard Cohen (ex-Mattel employee) for this great story!

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