Mattel's Football Keychain (2001, LCD, 2 Watch Batteries, Model# 07801)

This is a keychain version of the re-release of Mattel's original LED Football game from 1977. It's about 2 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide, and is fully functional. This is designed a little differently than the Classic Football handheld in that it doesn't light up. It has a display like a normal LCD game, but the blips are red. (Note- the package indicates a copyright of 2000 on this, but I don't think it was released forsale until earlier this year). It's pretty much available anywhere games and keychain games are sold, esp those little keychain versions of board games like Monopoly and such. It's actually manufactured by a company called Fun 4 All ( There's a packaging variation on this as well, for those that are into that kind of thing. It was originally packaged completely sealed, the versions I've found recently have the controls exposed so you can actually play the game in the store. (Fun 4 All has released 4 of Mattel's classic games in keychain form: Basketball, Football, Hockey and Soccer.)

Collector warning: This does have 2 batteries included in the game (at least it's turned off), and there's no way to open the package without destroying it...

Sitting next to a quarter for size comparison...

Packaging variations: closed and open controls:

And here's a different packaging all together (it matches the packaging style of the 3 other keychains):

Do I have this? Yes, new (all 3 variations).

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