Mattel's Brain Baffler (1979, LED, 9 Volt, Model# 1080)
Programmed by: Mark Lesser
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Mattel's Brain Baffler two-player word game. (There are a few one-player games, but this handheld seems to have been primarily designed to be a two-player game). One of the games is Anagram, player one types in a word, the system scrambles it, and player two is timed to see how long it takes to descramble it. (Hints are available at the cost of time, and a Give-Up button is also available. :) The game has no vocabulary or words programmed into it, you have to supply the words (thus the reason it's primarily two-player, it's pretty easy to guess your own word. :)

Do I have this? Yes, complete. This is mine pictured.

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