Milton Bradley Star Trek Phaser Strike (for Microvision) (1979, Model# 4973)

The only real variation I know of: when this was first released, it was Star Trek Phaser Strike, and you were shooting at Klingon warships. At some point the contract the Paramount must have ended and MB didn't feel it was worth renewing (or Paramount refused to renew it), and it just became Phaser Strike (and you are now just shooting 'alien warships'). The serial number on my Phaser Strike is higher than on my Star Trek, so I'm assuming this happened toward the end of Microvision's life. The non-Star Trek one seems to be the least common. I've also found a couple of these without Star Trek on the cartridge/instructions, but WITH Star Trek on the box. They must of had a little stock of the boxes left over...

Do I have this? Yes, boxed. (Top picture are mine).

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