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Hanzawa Handheld Games (36 listed)

Hanzawa Corporation is a Japanese company that I believe was founded by Tsunio Hanzawa. Hanzawa started to work for Entex Tokyo in the late 70's and assisted in the design of several of Entex's handheld games. Around 1981 or so he started his own company manufacturing mostly VFD based handheld electronic games that were then sold by other companies under license.

This is a tough company to catagorize, I hope this makes sense. Hanzawa made a series of games that seem to have been sold mostly in the U.K. market. I have never seen a game with Hanzawa's name on the front of the game, but they always seem to be mentioned on the bottom label, so a lot of people look for their games. Actronics seems to be the largest distributor of their games, I think almost all of the Actronics games were actually manufactured by Hanzawa. I have found companies like Bazin, CGL, Lansay, and even Radio Shack selling their games. All of the links below are links to other pages, I've just listed them here under Hanzawa so people can find them. All of their games seem to be in one of three basic body styles, one is kind of 'L' shaped (see Challenge Racer), one is a larger, more traditional tabletop design (see Hungry Pac 2), and the third is a style called 'Walkie Game' which is flat, and much smaller in design. The manufacturer name on the front of the game is listed in paranthesis, and the page linked here can also be found in the appropriate manufacturer's section on the website.

Auto Challenge (Ludotronic)
Caries en Danger (Ludotronic)
Challenge Racer (Actronics)
Cosmic 2000 Fire Away (Radio Shack, middle of page)
Cosmic Free Fire (Actronics)
Cosmic Free Fire (CGL)
Cosmic Scramble (CGL)
Cosmic Twinvader (Actronics)
Cosmic Twinvader (Actronics) Walkie Game design
Cosmic Twinvader (Bazin) Walkie Game design
Croqu' Fantomes (Ludotronic)
Dig 'n Picman (Actronics)
Dynamite Panic (Bazin)
Envahisseurs 2 (Ludotronic)
Fantomes Gloutons (Ludotronic)
Galaxy Twinvader (CGL)
Grandprix Turbo (Actronics)
Grand Prix Turbo (Actronics) Walkie Game design
Grand Prix Turbo (Ludotronic) Walkie Game design
Hungry Pac (Actronics)
Hungry Pac (Bazin)
Hungry Pac 2 (Actronics)
Hungry Pac 3 (Actronics)
Monster Maze (Actronics)
Mr. Digger (Actronics)
Mr. Digger (Bazin)
Operation 'Z' (Ludotronic)
Pack'n Maze (Actronics and Bazin)
Pack'n Maze (Actronics) Walkie Game design
Racingcar Turbo (Bazin)
Raid Cosmique (Ludotronic)
Super Cobra 2 (Lansay)
Twinvader (Actronics)
Twinvader (Bazin)
Twinvader III (Actronics)
Wanted G-Man (Actronics)