Entex Treasure Quest (1982, LCD, 4 AA batteries, Model# 6087) Never produced (or in very low quantities).

I don't believe this ever made it into stores, but Entex was doing here was basically just re-naming an existing game (3-D Escape! 1000 Mazes) and re-selling it. Entex actually had the opportunity to license Dungeons and Dragons for this game (which would have been appropriate considering how this game plays), but they decided that D&D was just a passing fad and wasn't worth spending money on the license, so they created this (they also did this with Black Knight pinball, turning down the D&D license a second time). Entex made 2 LCD games along this line: 3-D Grand Prix and 3-D Escape! 1000 Mazes. This picture came from a 1982 Entex dealer catalog.

Do I have this? No.

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