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Entex 3-D Escape! 1000 Mazes

(1981, LCD, 4 AA batteries, Model# 6020)
Concept by Mike Hennig
Case designed by Ortega Orr / Ron Chesley
Electronics designed and programmed by Dan Schiffman
CPU: COPL445-HMZ/N (Also: EL641-001 MAZE (LCD controller?))
View/download PDF instruction manual

Fairly rare LCD game (although I'm told nearly 50,000 were produced). There are two ways to play: Maze and Adventure. The object of Maze is to escape out of a maze, and there are 1000 different ones to choose from (you enter the number of the maze you want to try). Adventure is the same, but you must first recover 3 artifacts from within the maze (hence the 'treasure quest'). Game play is first-person (sort of Doom like, or that maze like screensaver that was common in Windows operating systems.) Certain ranges of maze numbers have different sized maps (maze #'s 000-599 are on an 8x8 grid, 600-699 are on an 8x9 grid and so on). Check out the manual available online for a map of 5 of the mazes. Entex renamed this game to Treasure Quest in 1982 for a re-release, but I'm not certain if it ever actually got released under that name.

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Here's a promo pic of Treasure Quest version from the 1982 Toy Fair catalog and an image of the
displays from Toy Fair 1981 with a huge mock-up of the LCD display:

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