Coleco Total Control 4 (1981, LED, 2 9 Volts, Model# 2125, Cartridge add-on pack Model# 2129)
U. S. Patent #s 4,386,776 and 4,391,444
Invented by: Eric Bromley (according to the patents)

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This is a fairly simple cartridge based sports game system. It was sold with the football cartridge (which is the entire orange area in the picture). Three other sports games were available: Basketball, Hockey and Soccer. They were all sold together as an add-on pack for the game. Interesting note: The cartridges aren't really cartridges at all, basically just game overlays and a switch to tell the system which game to play. The only thing in the cartidges is a little circuit board that connects certain contacts together (see pic of inside of the Football cartridge).

Pic below is the board inside the Football cartridge. No actual circuitry, just a switch basically. Taking a wild guess, I bet the first one does nothing, the second two act as power (turning the game on with no cartridge does nothing, these two are probably the reason), and then depending on which of the remaining 5 are connected, you get one of the four games.

Do I have this? Yes, complete, boxed (pics are of my games).

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