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Actronics Handheld Games (22 listed)

Another foreign company that licensed games to or from other companies, and possibly made their own.
Most of the games are manufactured by Hanzawa (who also made a few games for CGL).

Astrovader 3D
Challenge Racer (Formel 1-Challengeracer)
Computer Bank
Cosmic Free Fire
Cosmic Twinvader
Cosmic Twinvader (Walkie Game style)
Dig N Picman
Galaxy Twinvader (See CGL Galaxy Twinvader)
Grandprix Turbo
Grand Prix Turbo (Walkie Game style)
Hungry Pac
Hungry Pac 2
Hungry Pac 3
Monster Maze
Mr. Digger
Pack'n Maze (Large and small sizes found)
Pack'n Maze (Walkie Game style)
Puck 'N Monster 3D
Space Invader
Twinvader III
Wanted G-Man

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