Handheld Museum Year 2009 updates.

So, 2009 was a slow year for the Museum... I made many small updates throughout the year that didn't get recorded, mostly just replacing pictures with better ones, or updating the specs of a game. I also added some image descriptions for the main page buttons to assist with visually impaired navigation of the site. But I'm back in gear for 2010 to get some things updated! :)

This was the only recorded update during 2009:

12/18/2009- Watch this space! I _WILL_ have an update that I can call a 'Year 2009 update'. I promise! :) (I did add a link to a cool website to the main Tandy page, and have correctly referenced Tim Effler as the inventor of Mattel's IAN and Gravity games...) (Oh, and 'Made you look!')

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