Handheld Museum Year 2008 updates.

08/18/08- Games added: Grip Lend- Bestech Marine, Missile and Vader (moved from Misc section), Mr. Frog Mini, Tiger- Ditto, Yonezawa- Sicom 16.
Misc Games: BTG Combat Game, Dinosaur Game, Missile Attack, Safari Game, SFX Game, Submarine Game, Dujardin Harry Champion Solitaire, Finkel Space Age Hangman, Hanimex Astro Destroyers and Snow White, Kingsford Mini Match Me, Sanyo Sound & Game Soccer, Temco Soccer, Toshiba Blackjack Calculator.
Unknown Games: Voetbalspel.

01/17/08- A few more...
Games added: Casio- Hustle Monira, Quick Draw Mc Graw; Toytronic- Basketball; Tronica- Anti-Tank Action, Goal Keeper; Vtech- Bomb Fight, Soccer 3; Yonezawa- My Picture ??? (not sure of name).
Misc Games: Dynamic Toys Electronic Hockey, Ectron Honky Ponky.

01/14/08- Hey, it's a new year, how about some updates! It's only been, what... six months? :)
Games added: Bazin- Cosmic Twinvader (Walkie Game), Mr. Digger; CGL- Cosmic Free Fire; Commodoor- Crocodile, Department Store, Rescue; Gakken- Robin Hood, Soccer (VFD) has a different case variation listed; Ludotronic- Asterix: Hunt for the Boars, Chicky Woggy, Les Envahisseurs (Entex Space Invader), Les Telephones Faus, Operation 'Z', Tennis Necklace Game; Rosy- Casino de Vegas, Fighting Invader.
Misc Games: Alba Alien Number Game, Alba Baseball, Alba Football, Alba Soccer, Alba Voice & Game, Altic Grenouille, Altic Jungle 777, Altic Kung Fu, Armitron Saturn I, Audio Sonic A-Man.

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