Handheld Museum Year 2007 updates.

06/05/07- Went through the 'Unknown' games I've found:
UNKNOWN GAMES: 3-Dimensions Torpedo, Baseball, Car Racing (watch), Cat and Mice (watch), Chips Ahoy! Cookies (promo watch), Hit the Mole (watch), Jumble, Mini Slot (watch), Nonet ha Mapc, The Pagemaster Richard (watch), Pandamonium, Professor Einstein, Spaceman. (More of these coming...)

06/04/07- And it continues...
GAMES ADDED: Nelsonic- The Maze Watch; Toytronic- Brain Wave, new pics to Multi Sport; Tronica- Aerogun Field, Alien Fighting, Helicopter Action, Soccer, Submarine Action.
MISC GAMES: Caprice Pro-Action Football.
Games in Movies: Casio Boxing Calculator in Sleepaway Camp, Conic Football in Amazing Stories, Grandstand Pocket Scramble in Electric Dreams, Merlin seen in My Name Is Earl.

06/03/07- Alright, enough teasing... Time for some real updates:
GAMES ADDED: Actronics- Computer Bank (okay, not really a game...); Casio- Cosmo-Flight, Game-301, Game-401, Scramble Fighter, Zoomnzap, also added the Coca-Cola Game Calculator MG-777 to the MG-777 page; Entex- Nothing new, but I completely re-did the Adventure Vision page with pictures of my own system.
MISC GAMES: Dynamic Toys Electronic Pinball; Elekit Kid's Adventure & Motor Cycle (check these out, games you have to put together!).
I've also been updating a bunch of pictures like Conic Football & Football II, Entex Musical Marvin, Kenner Live Action Football, the Nintendo Love Tester...

06/02/07- For those that follow my Development Kit collecting, I've completely re-done the DevKits section of the website, and added my latest prizes...

06/01/07- Added another convention to the Conventions page: Classic Gaming Expo 2002. It's pretty much just a bunch of pics of my display and some Vectrex stuff, but it's still pretty cool to see it all laid out. Also, I changed the way the images display on the Convention pages. The cool 'Lightbox' script only works after the page completely loads, and that can take some time on slow connections. So, I just made the images display in a normal browser pop-up (most modern pop-up blockers should allow them). If anyone had trouble with the old way, see if it works better for you now...

05/06/07- Added a lot of pictures to the Classic Gaming Expo 2001 page (I'm trying to get all the pictures I have from the years of conventions uploaded...) If you've never been to CGE, check it out... (See the 'Conventions' link on the 'Bar of Coolness' just above the CGE banner...)

05/05/07- Basic website re-arranging going on today... Made some changes to fonts and colors on the main page and a few others. (Trying to make it more readable...)

04/02/07- Okay, another 5 months and no updates... Time to change that... :)
I'm starting this time with a slight re-design of the individual game pages. Please check out the Actronics section of the website (click on various games and see if the 'thumb-nail' thing works for you). I want to only have 1 or 2 large images of each game on the main page, with little thumbnails for any additional images that will kind of pop-up on top of the existing page. I think it's kind of cool, but I'm also interested in your opinions... Feel free to talk about it in the forum. (All the images for the Actronics section have been updated if I have the game. Wanted G-Man for example...)

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