Handheld Museum December 2005 update.

12/9/05- I just added the Excalibur Frogger, Space Invaders and Stewie Pinball to the Misc section. These are games released this year, but they look almost identical to the original Coleco arcade games, so I thought I'd add them to the site since a lot of people are talking about them...

Handheld Museum November 2005 updates.

11/29/05- Added new Hollywood sighting: Found Waddingtons Wizard, Parker Bros Merlin and Coleco's Total Control 4 all in the 1984 movie Runaway in the Games in Movies section.

11/14/05- BOOKS/MAGAZINES ADDED: Popular Electronics Jan 1978 complete article, Consumer Reports Nov 1980 complete article, Electronic Games July 1983 (Lots of Handheld stuff!).

Handheld Museum Octboer 2005 updates.

10/24/05- I had to add this: Just got back from seeing the new Doom movie (Doom fans will probably get a kick out of it), and was surprised to see a Futuretronics Galaxian 2 (same as Entex) get a full-screen appearance during one scene. One of the soldiers is playing the game in his bunk (they even used the game's sound effects), so I had to add it to the Games in Movies section. (Best images I could find online, I'll update them when the DVD comes out...)

10/15/05- Well, the forum seems to be off to good start... I'll be making a few changes to it (added a few more chat areas), but overall I like where it's going so far...
Added an image from the movie The Last Starfighter. Coleco's Zaxxon game can be seen in one scene of the movie.
MISC GAMES: Waddingtons Enterprise, Waddingtons The Game Machine.
MANUALS ADDED: Mattel Backgammon, Nelsonic Pac-Man Watch (Button version).

10/09/05- On the off chance that you didn't see the huge, white text at the top of the page: I've just added a Forum to the Handheld Museum website. Now all of us handheld game collectors have a place to chat about games, brag about cool finds or collections, or look for games you still need to add to your collection. It will always be at www.handheldmuseum.com\forum.

10/01/05- I've been working on a new section of the website: Game repair. This will eventually contain 'generic' repair pages for LED games, VFD games and LCD games (since each game in any category is very similar in their design, this should work well). Certain games, obviously, are unique enough to warrant their own section (usually just in the process of getting them open), and that's what I have ready now. I have completely disassembled a Coleco Pac-Man game (and actually repaired it), and documented the whole thing. Anyone having trouble (or just curious) getting into any of the Coleco Arcade series games should check this page out. It's located HERE, and can currently be accessed from the Coleco page. Eventually I will make a new category on the main page for repair as I get more games photographed. (And for those blessed with an Entex Adventure Vision, that's probably the page I'm going to put up next...)
Reformatted the Games in Movies section, hopefully it's easier to read now (easier to find the names of the games/movies).

Handheld Museum September 2005 updates.

09/30/05- For those that might have still been linking to anything on the old site (on users2.ev1.net), please note that all of those links are now gone. I have removed everything from that site except the index.html files in each directory that link directly to here. So if you had a link to an image or a specific games' page, that link is now dead...

09/26/05- Added a couple of manuals by request: Bandai U-Boat (VFD) and Tiger Playmaker Football. Other things are in the works...

09/11/05- Another update! I get motivated by finding games in movies and TV shows! :) This time I found a Parker Bros Master Merlin in the TV show Joss Whedon's Firefly. Check out the Games in Movies page for images. I've also completely re-done this page, it was getting kind of out of control so I put each show on it's own page and created a main index for them. If anyone has a better thought on the layout of this page, feel free to mention it. I'm going to go back and replace all the images with full-frame images (instead of the little cropped images I have now) so you can see the entire image where the game is used (like the images on the Firefly page).
GAMES ADDED: Actronics- Grandprix Turbo, Pack'n Maze Walkie Game; Bandai- Saint Seiya; Casio- Nyan Nyan Mate; Ludotronic- Asterix, Auto Challenge, Croqu' Fantomes, Football, Police aux Trousses; Masudaya- Trojans; Mattel- Funtronics (added Tag Chat! French box); Nelsonic- Black Jack, Caesar's Palace Black Jack.
MISC GAMES: LJN Computer Impulse, LJN Electronic Concentration, Spica 3 Mousquetaires.

09/03/04- PLEASE NOTE: The Handheld Museum has now been completely moved to it's new location: www.handheldmuseum.com. That is now the only address that will link to the current site. Any URL with users2.ev1.net in it is officially outdated, and will soon be removed completely, so please update any links or bookmarks you have to the new location.

Handheld Museum August 2005 update.

08/29/05- More updates... (The Treasure Hunt is over, all the prizes have been found, so I don't have an easy excuse to go zipping all over the U.S. any more...) Found a little record inside of Tomy's Cosmic Clash game. That's how the speech was achieved on this mostly mechanical game, thought that was kind of cool. For now the only other updates are adding a couple of movies/TV shows to the Games in Movies section. Finally added pictures from the movie Bookies, and I was surprised to find Bandai's Japanese-only Pair Match game all over Ten-Forward in Star Trek: The Next Generation... Had to let you guys know!

Handheld Museum June 2005 update.

06/19/05- Hey, it's only been 4 months since I updated the site... Not TOO bad. :) I've been spending WAY too much time trying to solve clues in a nation-wide Treasure Hunt, add to that PSP hacking (hehe), work and a small life I just haven't set much time aside for the site... But, too much stuff has been building up, so I guess I better get to work on it...
Added: Acclaim- Combat Zone, Wrestle Mania; Bandai- Gundam Formation, Hyper Olympic Running Type, Le Casse Brique, Monkey Coconut, Shogi, Track & Field Throwing Type, World Challenge Golf; Casio- Egg Panic, Football Watch, Soccer Watch, Super Shooting Fight, Super Slalomer; Commodoor- Home Sweet Home, Wild Man Jump; Epoch- Exciting Baseball, Naughty Monkey, Perfect Bowling Game; Gakken- Krabben Terror; GAMAtronic- Epoch Man, Fussball-Spiel, Woodman; Grip Lend- Drive Game.
MISC GAMES: Addex Fire Fire, Alps UFO Abwehr, Auto Arcade UFO, Bronza Safari, Clock Game Space War Amigo, Ectron Mad Mad Coaster, Ectron Plane & Tank Battle, Electro Home Electro Dice Machine, ETIC Astro Destroyers, Futuretronics Caveman, Hales Steeple Jack, House of Games Hockey 2.

Handheld Museum February 2005 update.

02/06/05- Okay, finally decided to get motivated and make some updates... Added a lot of manuals today: (Also moved Ren & Stimpy from Unknown games into the Misc section (it's made by Toy Headquarters.)
MANUALS ADDED: Bambino Soccer, Bandai Race Time, Bandai Space Guardian Gundam (VFD 2-player tabletop), Entex Poker, Epoch Digit-Com 9 Baseball, Fonas 3-in-1 Sports, Lakeside Computer Perfection, LJN Impulse, Mattel Long Bomb Football, Mattel World Championship Baseball, MB Pocket Simon, Tomy 3D Thundering Turbo, Tudor Football, Tudor Deluxe Football, Unimex Pinball, Waddingtons Game Machine (and score cards).

01/02/05- Happy New Year! This is a personal message for someone: I just received an Email today with the subject of 'Mark Lesser' that I deleted by accident... If you (the sender, that is) are reading this, please re-send the message. Thanks!

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