Handheld Museum November 2004 updates.

11/20/04- TOY CATALOGS ADDED: Bambino U.S., Bambino Japan, Bandai 1980 Toy Fair.
BOOKS/MAGAZINES ADDED: Japanese Electronic Game magazine (Oct 25th, 1982) (lots of pages of this), Electronic Games June 1983, Electronic Games September 1983, Playthings January 1981 (Trade publication), Popular Science December 1978.

11/14/04- TOY CATALOGS ADDED: Epoch 1980 Japanese catalog, Epoch 1984 Japanese flyer, Mattel 1979 Toy Fair, Mattel 1980 Toy Fair, Mattel 1980 Canada, Mattel 1980 U. K., Mattel 1981 Toy Fair, Mattel 1983 Toy Fair, Milton Bradley 1979 Toy catalog, Tomy 1982 Toy Fair.
BOOKS/MAGAZINES ADDED: PC Ace magazine from 2001, Vedes spiele catalog from early 1980's (German game catalog).

11/13/04- GAMES ADDED: Casio- Heli-Fighter, Tortoise F-1 Race; Coleco- Electronic Learning Machine; Epoch- Game Center 80s Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3; Galoob- Babble; Grandstand- The Game Machine; Entex- Grand Prix; Milton Bradley- Merlin (new release); MGA- Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Ferrari Racing, G. I. Joe: Snake Eyes, Pretty Little Mermaid, Robocop 2, World Cup Soccer; Sunwing- Naughty Squirrel.
MISC GAMES: Imado Clown watch, Intel Supermind #369, National Semiconductor Quiz Kid, Peter Pan Master Challenge, Sensor Game Watch, Solfan I Ching Decision Science Computer, Torch Time Fast Paced Racing Car, Toybox Mr. Baseball.

Handheld Museum October 2004 updates.

10/25/04- Well, as some of you know I recently had a computer stolen from me... It was the machine that had all future updates for the website (i.e., photographs, etc. that were Emailed to me or I grabbed from Ebay and other locations). So, that effectively means all updates are up-to-date (at least all I have), so if you have ever sent me pictures/info about any games, and they are NOT currently on the website, please re-send them as I no longer have them... What I didn't loose (fortunately) was all my scans of Toy Fair and other company catalogs, so that's what I'm adding over the next few days, here's what's new today:
Added these toy catalogs: Coleco 1978 and 1980.
Also added a little more information on the history of Entex's Black Knight pinball game, Treasure Quest and Video Space Battle/Space Force/Turtles.

10/10/04- Added a 1981 Milton Bradley U.K. catalog to the MB section. The following 8 companies have been moved out of Misc to the main page:
Atari, Bazin, Grip Lend, Innovator, Kenner, Romtec, Texas Instruments (TI) and Toytronic.

GAMES ADDED: Atari- Pro Ball, Pro Darts, Space Invaders, Super Breakout, Tronic 2; Bandai- Last One; Commodoor- Jungle, Series A cartridge game; Schuco- Im Geisterschloss; Sears- Raise the Devil Pinball; Sunwing- UFO; Systema- Hero and Princess; Texas Instruments- La Dictee Magique, Spelling ABC; Tomy- Ninja Yashiki, Puck Man (Technoboy), Safari Drive, Sky Catch, Swervin' Derby, Top Shot Pilot; Toytronic- Gotcha!, Kick-n-Pass Football; Vtech- Hot Line Necklace (see Hot Line).
MISC GAMES: Electroplay Pass Me!, Go Pocket Repeat, Hana Star Force, Lakeside Le Boom, Spice Go Home, Tommy Soccer 2.

10/08/04- Added the these additional items to the Books/Magazine section (and appropriate manufacturer pages):
Bandai 1980 Japanese catalog, Castle Toy 1980 catalog, Coleco 1984 CES catalog, Mattel Electronics 1978 catalog.

10/04/04- Moved Galaxy Game 2001 from Unknown to Misc under the cmopany 'Galaxy Electronics', and Super Micro Cartridge to Misc under 'Home Computer Software' and 'Palmtex'.

Handheld Museum September 2004 updates.

09/19/04- Revamped the Entex Select-a-Game page with more pics and overlay scans...
GAMES ADDED: Tiger- After Burner (handheld), Baseball (3D), Bo Jackson Football/Baseball, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Galaxy, Golden Axe, Ninja Fighter, Strider, Super Street Fighter II (Barcodzz).

09/10/04- Added the these additional items to the Books/Magazine section (and appropriate manufacturer pages):
Computer Game magazine (Japanese), Electronic Game magazine (x2) (Japanese); Tomy 1980 Toy Fair catalog.
Also added scans of a catalog-type insert for the Caprice games (See Caprice games in the Misc page).
MANUALS ADDED: Entex Select-A-Game Baseball4, Pac Man 2, Space Invader 2.

09/09/04- Added the following items to the books/magazines section (and appropriate manufacturer pages):
Coleco 1979 Toy Fair catalog; Mattel magazine ads for Computer Chess and Las Vegas Pinball; Toy Shop Magazine Oct 4, 2002; Vanity Fair 1980 Toy Fair catalog.

09/06/04- GAMES ADDED: Bandai- Cosmo Gangs, Karmen Rider RX, Loving Knight, Mahjong II, Missile Vader; Entex- Hockey (added 2nd version); Epoch- Computer Baseball, Kiteretsu, Watermelon Panic; Ludotronic- Dragon Castel, Grand Prix Turbo, Pirates; Matsushima- Soccer, Touchdown; Mattel- Bee Gees Rhythm Machine (added a Macromedia Flash web version of it you can play with); Tandy- Gobble Man;
MANUALS ADDED: Grandstand Thomas the Tank Engine.
Check the Books and Magazines section for a special cereal box at the bottom of the page.

09/03/04- PLEASE NOTE: The Handheld Museum has now been completely moved to it's new location: www.handheldmuseum.com. That is now the only address that will link to the current site. Any URL with users2.ev1.net in it is officially outdated, and will soon be removed completely, so please update any links or bookmarks you have to the new location. Updates and additions to the website should now continue their normal pattern.
GAMES ADDED: Updated pictures in the Mattel Prototypes/Rarities page
MISC SECTION: Innovator Battling Bunny

Handheld Museum August 2004 updates.

08/29/04- IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Within the next few days (possibly sooner), the Handheld Museum will be moving to a new webserver. This will cause the normal intermittent down-time expected during such an activity, but more importantly: The website URL for all pages will be changing! Obviously www.handheldmuseum.com will still be valid (and will soon be linking directly to the museum- no more banner-ads or annoying pop-up windows if you go directly to this page), but ANY website url with users2.ev1.net in it will no longer be up-to-date. I will leave the current version of the museum at this location for a brief period, afterwards all pages there will be replaced with pages re-directing you to the main page of the museum. This new server location will have the capacity to allow me to include readable scans of magazine pages, all the manuals in PDF form that I have, the eventual inclusion of sound samples from many of the games (and even video clips if I can make them... :) and print-quality scans of some game artwork and other things that I think people might want in high-quality. Don't expect all this to be a part of the site overnight... :) But that's some of the stuff I want to add in the future.

08/25/04- Added several new books (some even currently available) to the Books and Magazines section, and updated the information on the two books that were previously there.

08/16/04- GAMES ADDED: Casio- Motorboat Race, Sea Bear, Super Space Battle, Winning Racer (watch); Grandstand- Adam.
MISC SECTION: Armitron Piano Game (watch), Bazin Twinvader, Cresta Pac Man, Kingsford Match Me, Koala Mimic, Mitco Football (small VFD game, pretty cool...), Pack-In-Video Ghostbusters II, Talbot Me Too, Videomaster Enterprise.

08/12/04- I figured it was time for an update, so here it is! This time it's all games in movies: Bottle Rocket, Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams, E. T., Flight of the Navigator, and K-9 all have vintage handheld games in them, so I've added some images for each to the Handheld Games in Movies page. More updates will commence over the next week (if all goes as planned...).

Handheld Museum April - May 2004 updates.

05/12/04- GAMES ADDED: Acclaim- Simpsons Bart vs The Space Mutants.
MISC SECTION: Action GT Computer Perfection, Alps Action Rider, Alps Space Pinball, Caprice Star Command Space Probe, Ectron Alien, Enterprex Black Jack Calculator, ERS Superbowl XV Football, Hiro Tetris Jr 2, Hiro To To.

05/11/04- MANUALS ADDED: Actronics Challenge Racer, AHTI Horse Race Analyzer (same as Mattel's), Atari Touch Me, Epoch Galaxy II, Tandy Kingman, Tommy Soccer & Space War.

04/30/04- GAMES ADDED: Bandai- Baikin-kun, Baseball (LSI), Roulette; Casio- Super Wind Surfing (watch); Coleco- Space Blaster (huge tabletop); Commodoor- Bear and Salmon; Epoch- 2 Game Karate School, Yawara!; Gakken- Lunar Surface Tennis, also added promo Lotto Fishing to the 'Fishing' game page; Tiger- A-Team (shaped game), Lucky Luke (color LCD flip-type).

Handheld Museum March 2004 updates.

03/29/04- Quick update to the FAQ after realizing I left out a couple of key games (namely Atari Cosmos and Rosy Space King...). Nothing special, but someone noticed this was missing..
GAMES ADDED: Acclaim- Smash TV, Wrestle Mania Challenge; Popy- Quick Shot; Yonezawa- My Picture Parman (moved from Unknown).

03/21/04- Finally decided to update the FAQ... I figure it's only been over a year. :) Mostly just new games added.
: Coleco- Race Thru Space; Liwaco- Airport; Sears- 2-Player Baseball; Tandy- Tandy Lanes; Tiger- Mickey Mouse (shaped), Think Tank; Tomy- Neopentagram Tarotstar, Space Attack (mechanical).
MISC SECTION: Lakeside Strobe, Ritam Monty Plays Scrabble, Spica UFO, Sport Billy Football, Sportron Football, Toybox Space Chaser, Unimex Pinball, Waddingtons Jimmy, Waddingtons Wizard.
UNKNOWN SECTION: Crypton Invader, Dinosaur Game, Galaxy Game 2001, Grab Man, Great Circus, SFX Game, Space Challenger, Space Shoot, Submarine Battle, UFO Star.

03/10/04- GAMES ADDED: Lansay- La Poursuite; Milton Bradley- Arcade Mania (board game), Simon2; Shinsei- Alien Avenger; Systema- Vampire Attack; Tomy- 3-D Sherman Attack; Tronica- Anti Tank Battle, Pacific War 1944, Rescue, Squirrel & Monkey (SM-30 version).
MISC SECTION: Fun & Time Number Invader, Game & Time Astro Destroyers, Game Wizard Frog, Grip Lend Mini Golf, Lindy Prinz Eisenherz (Gakken Moon Patrol clone), LSI Game Cosmo Mobile/Leading Jockey/Shark Hunter.

03/05/04- Added a magazine ad to the Acclaim section.
GAMES ADDED: Bandai- Elecroad (10 game series), Team Shohoku (someone tell me what this is!); Epoch- Cross Highway, J. League Soccer, Peach Boy Legend, Soccer USA 94.
MISC SECTION: AHTI Horse Race Analyzer, Axlon Compurobot (non-handheld).

03/04/04- GAMES ADDED: Liwaco- Cowboy, Island; Matsushima- Espace, White Witch; Vtech- Backgammon Master, Roller Coaster.
MISC SECTION: Hiro Space Invaders/Tetris/Tetris Jr., MBO Las Vegas, Vanity Fair Computer Bowling.

03/03/04- GAMES ADDED: CGL- Pocket Puck Monster, Space Challenger; Lansay- Circus; Masudaya- Space Robot X-25; Tandy- King Kong; Tiger- Puffi.

03/02/04- Moved Soccer & Space War from 'Unknown' to 'Misc' section (know that I know it's made by Tommy) (also many pictures updated, that's been an ongoing process over the last month).
Also, on Feb 20th there was a huge increase in the number of visitors to my site, can anyone tell me why? I'm guessing the site was mentioned/featured on some other website, but I haven't found any mention of it anywhere...

Handheld Museum January - February 2004 updates.

02/11/04- Completely forgot to add a picture of a neat prototype version of Mattel's Bowling that I saw at CGE 2003, so I've added that today. Check out the Mattel Bowling to see this cool game.

02/09/04- Okay, no one told me that I forgot to put links for the last 20 or so manuals that I've added to the site on the 'Manuals' page... Does anyone actually use the manuals? :) Anyway, that's been remedied, so you can now easily find all the manuals that I've added recently (see 11/08/03, 11/11/03, 11/12/03 and 11/25/03) from the main Manuals page.

02/06/04- Added Horse Racing to the Bambino section. Another image of a prototype game that as far as I know was never actually produced. (I'm also replacing and updating a lot of the pictures throughout the site, which I don't usually list here. That's why there haven't been many updates listed lately...)

02/02/04- Creeping forward with updates... Added two manuals today: (Hopefully more stuff in the next few days.)
MANUALS ADDED: GCE Chase-N-Counter and Space-N-Counter.

01/22/04- I'm back, making a small update- Finally got a Mattel Soccer manual added to the site! :) Got my computer back up and running, so I'll be making some updates over the next couple of weeks...

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