Handheld Museum December 2000 updates.

12/30/00- Some updates: Straightened out some of the Bandai stuff (like Go Go Dynaman, Kinniku Man, etc.)

12/24/00- Merry Xmas eve! :) I had to announce that I got some more info on the 2000 re-release of the Mattel Classic Football game, refresh that page for info on where to get it (if it's not sold out), and how much it costs...

12/12/00- Added Bandai- Digimon Analyzer, Sumou; Coleco- Talking Teacher; Epoch- Astro Cop, Big Maze (Lost in Space), Donald & Goofy, Doraemon Labyrinth of Tinplate, Monster Panic; Misc- Cardinal Football, Castle Toy Einstein, DCS Compu Chess, Ecstoy Pac III, ERS Auto Race. Updated a lot of info on the special promo Nintendo Game & Watch Tournament prizes.

12/10/00- Added Bandai- Donjara, Doraemon Time Machine, Hello Kitty, Kinnikuman 3, Machine Man (neat VFD game), Miracle 7 Slot Machine, Pachinko Star Wing II, Slam Dunk, Space Battleship Yamato, Super Baseball, Tama & Friends (different game added to same link), Yorcaizar; Mattel- Classic Football (2000 re-release of the 1977 original classic!).

12/06/00- Finally got the Links section up, feel free to send me any links that should be added! Also, updated my Personal collection pics as of 12/05/00.

12/05/00- Slowly making updates... There probably won't be an update to the FAQ until mid-January, with the holidays and all, I don't have a lot of time to make updates. Added: Actronics- Twinvader, better pics for Hungry Pac 2, and changed some of the names that were incorrect; Konami- Baseball, Nemesis. One a daily basis I frequently update pictures and information on games already listed, but I usually don't list that here, but here's some I've updated recently: Actronics- Hungry Pac 2, Twinvader III; Mattel- Speed Freak; Mego- Mini-Vid Dodge City Gunfight; Tomy- Pac Man, Scramble.

Handheld Museum November 2000 updates.

11/30/00- Finally back from Thanksgiving and making updates! Manuals added: Bambino- Space Laser Fight, Superstar Football; Bandai- Pair Match; Coleco- Zodiac; Entex- Baseball 3; Mego- Mini-Vid Dodge City Gunfight; Tomy- Cosmic Combat, Scramble.

11/15/00- Added Bandai- Arrange Fever, Mechanical Electrical Fighter; Some Misc games.

11/13/00- It was a manual day today! :) I've added manuals for the following games (in PDF format): Bandai- Air Traffic Control (must have if you have this game!), Ginfighter; Coleco- Digits; Grandstand- Astro Wars, Firefox F-7; Mattle- Baseball; MGA- Mappy; Tomy- Pac Man. If you download a manual, send me an Email so I know people are actually interested in these... :)

11/11/00- Finally got the new FAQ onling. Added a new category for Tsukuda Original games, only 6, but check 'em out! Added: Casio- Dragons' Egg, Exciting Hockey; Epoch- Ahiru No Pekkle, Black Bomber, 2 Japanese games, 3 different Mickey Mouse Japanese games, Professional; Gakken- Backgammon 2, Computer Chess, K. O. Boxing; Tomy- Alien Chase, Black Racer (to Digital Derby), Computer Stadium Baseball, Compu-Bowl, Computer Keiba, Digi-Pro Golf, Space Dock/Space Cruiser; Tronica- Air Revenger, Guard Wall, Lovely Bird, Sea Battle, Space Revenger, Squirrel & Monkey. Also added guts pics of Bandai Doreamon and Mego Mini-Vid Sea Battle.

11/07/00- Added Bandai- Algas, Baseball (LSI), Black RX, Crazy Climbing, Head Chaser, Pachinko, Perfect Mahjong I & II, Soccer LED and LCD games, Space Shuttle 3in1, Thunderbirds and several Japanese games I can't read... (also updated several of the pics of other games); Casio- Dandy Cowboy; Gakken- Added some great pics of Super Puck Monster!, and new box pic of Dig Dug (hopefully to be mine soon!); Mattel- Somehow forgot to put Sub Chase up, got that fixed... New FAQ coming soon, just gotta check on some of the content.

Handheld Museum October 2000 updates.

10/29/00- Added two manuals: Grandstand- BMX Flyer, and the assembly instructions for the Vectrex store display.

10/28/00- Added new pics and more info to: Grandstand- BMX Flyer, Thunderbirds series. I'm starting to add direct links to the Killer List of Video Games for the handhelds based on arcade games. (www.klov.com).

10/24/00- Added Bandai- Baseball (Double LCD), Fist of the Northstar, Godzilla (triple screen), Go Go Dynaman, Go Go Kinnimin, Handball, SD Gundam Gaiden IV, SD Gundam Sengokuden Chijyo, Special Rescue Exceedcraft; Rosy- Cupid's Arrow; Tomy- Aaaaghh!; Misc games- APF Mathemagician. Added 3 CGL games to the guts section: Earth Invaders, Galaxy Twinvader, and Super Kong.

10/20/00- Been on vacation, made a trip to Canada to pick up a Vectrex Store display, check out the Vectrex link above for a photographic recounting of the opening of this display (for the first time since it was manufactured!). Sunday night will have a lot of formatting updates all over the website, as well as some new additions.

10/10/00- Added: Grandstand- Tarzan; and about 6 games to the Misc section & 3 games to the Unknown section. Also added Tomy's Mr. Go! to the Guts section. Added a couple of newer pictures of my personal collection. Reformatted the Misc page like the Main page, I'll probably do that with all the larger sections eventually. (Anyone mind the borders around the lists? I can turn them off, but I couldn't decide if that looked better or not.)

10/09/00- Added: Actronics- Space Invader; Bandai- Ghost House, Hikyo Amazon, Magician, Reigen Dohshi, Tutankham LCD tabletop; Gakken- Runaway (and better pics for Space Galaxy and Super Cobra (green)); Tandy- Stack Challenge; Vtech- Dragon Castle, Home Sweet Home (and better pics of Chicky Woggy & Monster Chase);

10/03/00- Trying a new format, let me know if it doesn't work for you... Added: Gakken- Pinball (LCD); Namco- moved from Misc to it's own category (these are the LCD games distributed by Varie and Yeno- Galaga '91 and such) and added Namco Splatterhouse; Added some manuals in PDF format: Entex- Defender and Super Cobra.

10/01/00- Added: Casio- Digital Shooting, Making, 10; Entex- Super Alien Invader 2; Epoch- Pak Pak Man; GCE- category and their 3 watchs/2 calculators; Rosy- category, with most of their games; Sears- Baseball (old), Soccer; Tronica- Clever Chicken, Defence Warship, Formula 1, Pinball; Unknown- Lion (candy promotion from Germany), Space Invader; Vtech- Invaders, Safari. And a lot of new games to the Misc section....

Handheld Museum September 2000 updates.

09/29/00- Updated the pics on Bandai's U-Boat, check it out if you never seen this game. Added: Bandai- Baseball, Bye Bye Birdie, Flight Time, Grand Prix Racer, Monkey Business, Race Time, Speed Gun (Check this out, does anyone have one of these?); Gakken- Space Galaxy, Super Cobra (different version); Grandstand- Detective, Thunderbirds Pit of Peril, Universal Mains Adapter. Also added the following games to the Guts section: Bandai- Block Out, Galaxian, Flight Time, Space Chaser and U-Boat. Also added a new manual: Bandai- Packri Monster. (Yeah, it was a Bandai day... :)

09/27/00- Completely re-did the Milton Bradley Microvision section, there are now pics of everything! Removed some pics per request of their owner, added links to his site instead so you can still get to them if you want to see them. Added several new manuals in PDF format: Bandai- Crazy Climber; Coleco- Donkey Kong Jr.; Entex- Select-a-Game Pinball, Stargate; Mattel- Dungeons & Dragons LCD, Soccer 2; Mego- MiniVid Breakfree; Parker Bros- Q*Bert.... Check 'em out, they print great! Got my Gakken Paint Roller in! Neat game, check out the better pics... Over 150 new games added to the FAQ for next months update, stay tuned! Also, added a banner for the Phillyclassic convention, everyone should make plans to attend!

09/26/00- Lots of updates to the Bandai page (new pics, screen shots, boxes). Added Bandai- Space Chaser, Vampire (VFD and LCD); Misc- Goliath Lucky Pucky red (and a box & screen shot picture). Added more to the Guts section: Entex- Select-a-Game, Spiders; Gakken- Super Cobra; Goliath- Lucky Pucky; Mego- MiniVid Breafree. Enjoy!

09/25/00- Left town for a bit! :) Added an Instruction Manuals section to the main page, and about 11 different manuals all in PDF format. These print VERY nicely, I was impressed with the quality I got out of them! Plenty more coming...

09/18/00- Updated a lot of the Coleco arcade pics with ones from my actual collection, and included pictures of box backs. Also, added the Coleco Perma Power AC adapter. :) Added box-back pics for Entex Crazy Climber, Defender, Space Battle and Super Cobra as well. Working on several manuals in PDF format, I'll have these up soon and a seperate catagory for them so they can be easily located. Also added several more games to the Guts section: Bambino- Football; Bandai- Packri Monster; Coleco- Galaxian, Zaxxon; and Mattel- Bowling;

09/16/00- More info and pics of Tiger Keychain games; Entex- Stargate & Tomy- Cosmic Combat guts pics added.

09/15/00- Added Casio- Beam War, Border Army, Western Sheriff; Tiger- Half Court Basketball, Judge Dredd, Skeleton Warriors; Vtech category.

09/14/00- Added several Misc games; Tiger- handheld LCD Star Castle; and several more pictures to the Guts section. :)

09/10/00 - Added a lot of Tomy games, check it out! Also added screen shots to Bandai: Crazy Climber; Entex: Crazy Climber, Pac Man 2, Stargate, Super Cobra, Turtles; Mattel: Star Hawk. I'm also starting a Guts section (a couple of pics up now), this will have pictures of the inside of these games for those that are interested. And, I finally got MY collection in the Personal Collection section... :)

09/09/00 - Added a lot of Casio games; CGL category; lots of Gakken games; Grandstand: Solitaire, Star Force, Thunderbirds: Brink of Disaster.

09/05/00 - Added Actronics own category, and about 50 games to the Bandai section. Check out the VFD versions of Burgertime and Pengo if you've never seen these (and the LCD version of Frisky Tom). Will be adding more to the other companies soon.

09/01/00 - Added Casio- Hop Monster; Tronica- Monkey Kingdom

Handheld Museum August 2000 updates.

08/31/00 - Posted the Handheld FAQ a day early! Check it out! Added: Bandai- Wonderswan; Grandstand- Batman, Thomas the Train; Tandy- Burgertime (LCD); Tomy- Spotbot

08/29/00 - Added Casio- Hippo and Mouth, Kung Fu Fight; Gakken- Dig Dug, Super Kong, Super Puck Monster; a lot of Konami and 5 Tronica games.

08/28/00 - Added Bandai- Burgertime (LCD), Cake Shop, Golf Compe, Hamburger Shop, Priss & Gang (and something else), Terror House; Mego- Fabulous Fred; Misc- Halion Q*Bert, Playtime Cat & Mouse, Yonezawa Ninja; Tomy- Copter Combat, Drive Yourself Crazy, Hello Kitty, pic of Japanese Tron. New companies listed: Konami; Tronica (A.k.a. Ronica). Over 500 games have been added to the FAQ for the Sept 1 release! Added another personal collection.

08/26/00 - Updated many games in the Radio Shack/Tandy section (pics will be up Monday). I managed to find a bunch of old catalogs, so I got all the dates, cat#'s, etc all up to date, and found many new games not on the list. I've also added over 400 games to the FAQ so far, should be a pretty good update when I release it on the 1st.

08/24/00 - www.handheldmuseum.com has officially become the new home of the Handheld Games FAQ. Chris Dyer has handed the reins over to me. I'm getting in caught up on over 2 years of updates. :) If all goes well, I will have the updated version available here on Sept 1st, wish me luck, and check back for it.

08/23/00 - Added Bandai- Daidassou, Floppy Jump 3-in-1, Frankenstein, Grand Prix, Krähen Jagd, Las Vegas, and Rush Hour; Epoch- Adventure Zone, Star Force, Zig-Zag Monster; Gakken- Fitter, Pooyan (LCD); Grandstand- BMX Burner, BMX Flyer, Mouse Maze, Space Fight, Thunderbirds/Danger at Ocean Deep combo game; Nintendo- Rarest Game&Watch made!; Misc- Galoob MVP Baseball; LSI- Macross II, Tandy- Pirate; Unknown- Baseball 3. Added a picture of all the Rosy games I know of to the Misc/Rosy/Space Galaxy 3D page.

08/22/00 - Added Casio category, moved two games there from Misc and added several more (these are primarily LCD games, but they are kind of interesting anyway...)

08/19/00 - Added PDF Manuals for Entex Space Battle and Coleco Zap!. PDF manual for Mattel World Championship Baseball is available, but it's about 40 meg, so you'll have to ask for it and supply an FTP that I can send it to. Better pic of Mattel Baseball added. Also, started adding a 'Do I have this?' line to every game so everyone can see what I actually have in my collection. Feel free to ask any detailed question about the games I have...

08/18/00 - Added Gakken- Super Cobra; Unknown- Speedracer game; better pic of Tandy King Man

08/17/00 - First update that's been listed. There's a lot of games here, most of them I don't have yet (I currently have about 70). Just today I added the following games: Bandai- Go Go Gundam, Ultraman; All Conic games; Epoch- Galaga X6, Oil Gang; Gakken- Paint Roller; Grandstand- Astro Wars (1990), Crazy Kong, Pocket Scramble; Milton Bradley- Genius; Sears- Grand Prix; Tomy- Astro Blaster, Bombman, Lupin, Monster Burger, Mr Go!; Misc- Actronics Pack'N Maze, Taito Space Invaders. I also updated the picture to include a box on Bambino Safari.

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